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04:15 PM Welcome and Meeting Instructions (Chris Blank, Co-Chair)
04:20 PM Introducing/voting on proposed new Vision Statement approved by HC Leadership Team (Chris Blank, Co-Chair)
04:25 PM Approval of February Minutes – (Luke Treloar, Secretary/Treasurer)
04:30 PM

Advocacy Issues since last meeting – (Jonathan Moreno, Co-Chair)

A. Challenges importing disinfectant chemicals which are important to address COVID due to Decree 91 – (Mark Gillin – Member of Supporting Services Sub-Sector)
B. Proposal to prevent medicines shortage due to expiration of marketing authorizations – (Koen Kruytbosch, Vice Chair Pharma)
C. Call for any members who disapprove for the record – (Jonathan Moreno)

04:45 PM

Aligning on White Book Advocacy Issues (Michael Sieburg, Vice Chair Supporting Services Sub-Sector) – 30 minutes/5 minutes each with votes

A. Pharma Presentation (Koen Kruytbosch)
B. Medical Devices (Dr. Ha Nguyen)
C. Clinics/Hospitals (Dr. Mason Cobb)
D. Private Insurance (Minh Nguyen)
E. Pharmacies (Le Bao Chan Thien)
F. Diagnostics (Sam Perl)

Ranking top 3 HC Advocacy Issues (Michael Sieburg/Jonathan Moreno) – 10 minutes

05:25 PM CSR Projects (facemasks/COVID-19 Analyzers) – (Chris Blank)
05:30 PM Voting on Legal and Government Affairs Committee Representatives – (Chris Blank)
05:40 PM Other Issues
05:45 PM Adjourn