1. Presentation on Pharmacy Retail sector by Thien Le
  2. Updates on recent meeting between Jonathan Moreno with Ministry of Health regarding Medical Devices by Chris Blank
  3. Announcement of eliminating sub-sector for Physicians by Chris Blank
  4. Update on the new Vietnamese language restrictions on doctors practicing in Vietnam by Chris Blank
  5. Challenges on White book and new publishing timeline proposal by Michael Sieburg
  6. Update on meeting with HCMC People Committee on Dec 13th 2019 from Michael Sieburg
  7. Review the revised letter for Vu Duc Dam by Chris Blank
  8. Update on the new structure of MOH by Koen Kruytbosch
  9. Election for the sub-sector on Medical Devices by Chris Blank
  10. Align the meeting schedule for next month – 3rd week of January 2020 by Chris Blank

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