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2019 WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAYS’ THEME: “Blood donation and universal access to safe blood transfusion are components of achieving universal health coverage

MESSAGE: “Safe blood for all

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June 10: Nike Office – 8th Floor, the Metropolitan, 235 Dong Khoi St., Dist. 1

June 11: SANOFI-aventis Viet Nam – 10 Ham Nghi St., Dist. 1

June 12: Oriflame Vietnam – 100-102 Nguyen Van Troi St., Phu Nhuan Dist.

*Besides Oriflame’s parking lot, there is an additional parking place at 104 Nguyen Van Troi, Phu Nhuan Dist.*

June 13: Sheraton Saigon Hotel – 23rd Floor, 88 Dong Khoi St, Ben Nghe, Dist. 1

*Hotel’s parking lot is right beside the hotel’s main entrance.
There are two ways up and down the parking lot, opening 24/24
Parking fee:
VND 10,000/ motorbike (before 22:00)
VND 25,000/ motorbike (after 22:00)
VND 100,000/ car (before 22:00)
VND 250,000/car (after 22:00)*

June 14: Victoria Healthcare – 20-20Bis-22 Dinh Tien Hoang St., Dist. 1

June 15: Victoria Healthcare – 37-39 Luong Dinh Cua St., Dist. 2

June 17: Caravelle Saigon Hotel – 19-23 Lam Son Square, Dist. 1

June 19: Soul Academy – 214-216 Pasteur St., Dist. 3

June 20: PJ’s Coffee – 145-147 Nguyen Co Thach St., Dist. 2

Click here to view google map to PJ’s Coffee

2019 WORLD BLOOD DONOR DAY – Sponsorship Package 


For company: please download the form HERE

Fill in the form and then send it to [email protected]

For individual: please register HERE


For further information and blood donation registration, please contact Minh Nguyen (Ms.) at  +84 28 3824  3743 or [email protected]

World Blood Donor Day was first initiated and established to be celebrated annually on 14th of June by “the World Health Organization, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies” in the year 2004. About 108 million blood donations are collected globally every year. Nearly 50% of these blood donations are collected in high-income countries, home to less than 20% of the world’s population. The average blood donation rate is more than 9 times greater in high-income countries than in low-income countries.

In Vietnam, since the Government approved the national program for encouraging voluntary blood donation in 2000, there have been more and more people showing interest in blood donation. That’s why every year, the number of blood units donated keeps steadily increasing. Although in 2016, the whole country received up to 1,2 million blood units through many donating programs, the current level only meets 66% of demand. Therefore, the blood donation event becomes an important part of AmCham annual CSR Plan. By holding these meaningful programs, AmCham hopes to let much more volunteers know and join with us. For the last 8 years, 6,877 AmCham’s Donors from Ho Chi Minh City, Thu Duc and Binh Duong have donated 8,858 blood units.

In 2019, the AmCham CSR Group together with British Business Group Vietnam is working with Hospital of Hematology and Blood Transfusion to organize an AmCham World Blood Donor Day from June 10 to June 20 at locations provided.

Maintaining meaningful annual messages and targeting FDI employees, other enterprises and students in HCM City, the event this year aims to:

1. Raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products.

2. Thank blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood and encourage young people to join in as well.

3. Motivate employees of the business sector to donate blood more actively.

4. Offer opportunities to build networking, cooperation among AmCham CSR professionals and volunteers

Although the need for blood and blood products is universal, there is a marked difference in the level of access to safe blood and blood products across and within countries. In many countries, blood services face the additional challenge of making sufficient blood and blood products available, while also ensuring its quality and safety. In fact, all donated blood should always be screened for HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C and syphilis prior to transfusion. Yet 35 countries are not able to screen all donated blood for one or more of these infections. Testing is not reliable in many countries because of irregular supply of test kits, staff shortages, poor quality test kits, or lack of basic quality in laboratories. Meanwhile, the adequate and reliable supply of safe blood can only be assured through a stable base of regular, voluntary, unpaid blood donors. They are the safest group of donors because the prevalence of bloodborne infections is lowest among them. WHO urges countries to develop national blood systems based on voluntary, unpaid blood donations to achieve the goal of self-sufficiency in safe blood and blood products.

With the theme of this year’s campaign is: “Blood donation and universal access to safe blood transfusion are components of achieving universal health coverage” and the second message: “Safe blood for all”, World Blood Donor Day 2019 want to raise awareness of the universal need for safe blood in the delivery of health care and the crucial roles that voluntary donations play in achieving the goal of universal health coverage.  The theme strongly encourages more people all over the world to become blood donors and donate blood regularly – actions which are key to building a strong foundation of sustainable national blood supplies that are sufficient to meet the needs of all patients requiring transfusion.

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