Expert Guidance Navigating Vietnam’s Tax and Accounting Regime

Recognised globally as a leading tax and accounting publisher, CCH has a wide array of books and subscriptions titles tailored to address the specific needs of professionals in Vietnam.

Navigate through the country’s complex tax and accounting regime with reliable and practical resources that boasts both breadth and depth of information. Besides covering the latest tax and legal developments in Taxes in Vietnam: An Overview and Vietnam Investors’ Guide: Business Law, CCH also provides expert guidance on interpreting IFRS and US GAAP as well as other essential accounting tools that will aid in simplifying your work processes and ensuring timely and accurate decision-making.

CCH Navigating Vietnam''s Tax and Accounting Regime

Taxes in Vietnam: An Overview

Key benefits & features:

Insights: Get up-to-speed with the latest tax changes that came into effect from 1 January 2009
Tax Compliance: Understand all the taxes and tax related issues which will affect your foreign business operations in Vietnam
Decision-Making: Help you to better plan for your investment and exit strategies in Vietnam
One Source: Eliminate the hassle of researching through the complicated tax rules and reporting requirements in Vietnam

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Vietnam Investors’ Guide: Business Law

Key benefits & features:

Investment insights: Obtain an in-depth understanding of the available modes of investments, the rights and obligations of foreign investors in Vietnam
Protect business interests: Learn how to leverage on intellectual property enforcement procedures and compensation remedies
Improve workflow: Navigate through the complexities of drafting forms and contracts with ready-to-use documentation templates

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PwC’s The IFRS Manual of Accounting 2009 & PwC’s Understanding new IFRSs for 2009:

A Guide to IAS 1 (Revised), IAS 27 (Revised), IFRS 3 (Revised) and IFRS 8

PwC’s The IFRS Manual of Accounting 2009 provides detailed guidance and clear advice on how groups should prepare their consolidated financial statements in accordance with IFRS. It is a practical and thorough =publication written in a straight forward manner that will help you deal with the day-to-day task of implementing IFRS as well as other difficult and complex issues.

Key benefits & features:
• Deals with the reporting requirements for interim reports and preliminary announcements
• Includes revision of all chapters for implications of the IFRS annual improvements project issued in May 2008, impacting 20 standards with effective dates starting from 1 January 2009
• Guidance on first-time adoption of IFRS updated for implications of amendments to IFRS 1 and IAS 27

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2010 U.S. Master GAAP Guide

In a single affordable volume, U.S. Master GAAP Guide offers solutions to many complex accounting and disclosure problems by providing accountants with superior technical analysis, new insights and practical explanations. The Guide explains the current GAAP together with dual pre-/post-Codification references. Selected SEC Staff Accounting Bulletins are also included.

Key benefits & features:
• Groups pronouncements into Topics that follow major balance sheet headings, allowing readers to find all current pronouncements on a given subject in one place
• Each Topic guides the reader with a helpful three-step approach, enabling easy access to practical insights and depth of understanding
• Features flowcharts that illustrate the decision process and accounting procedures
• A general discussion on major provisions provides a context for understanding
• Detailed examples show specific computations and accounting requirements

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Asia Business Guide (Covering 14 Asia Pacific Countries) (Format: Print or online subscription)

This vital guide is an essential tool for consultants, investors, advisors and professionals who have a vested stake in expanding their business in Asia. Covering 14 Asia-Pacific countries, namely Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam, this guide provides an introductory framework to the economic and legal structures of each country and probes into various critical regulatory aspects of conducting business in Asia.

Key benefits & features:
• Allows for easy comparison of the legal regulatory framework of 14 Asian countries
• Comprehensive coverage of business and legal issues in the region
• Concise practical approach to issues
• Country by country index to allow information to be accessed easily

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