FAQ – How do I export to Vietnam?

I am responsible for developing new markets for our company in the Asia-Pacific region and have heard that Vietnam may be a good market for our products/services. However, I have no contacts in Vietnam and am not familiar with the local business environment there. Is there anyone who can help me assess the market for my company’s products and find a reputable local company to represent us in Vietnam?


The U.S. Commercial Service (CS) is ready, willing and able to help you export to Vietnam, whether you are new-to-market or already selling there and want to increase your sales. The CS has over 100 offices in the U.S. and in more than 95 major commercial cities around the world, including Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. The best way to get started is to contact your local U.S. Export Assistance Center (USEAC) in a city nearest you. Click here to find the USEAC nearest you: U.S. Export Assistance Centers List.

Please click this link to get started: Top Services and Programs Recommended for Beginning Exporting.

The USEAC will provide an initial free consultation to ensure that you are ready to export to Vietnam. They will also introduce you to the full range of services available to U.S. companies wishing to do business in Vietnam.

These services include, for example:

1. Country Commercial Guide/Vietnam
This is the single most comprehensive source of information on doing business in Vietnam and a good place to begin your research. Click here for access to the Country Commercial Guide/Vietnam.

2. Market Research
CS Vietnam has published numerous market research reports on specific business sub-sectors that present good opportunities for U.S. exporters. Click here for access to: CS Vietnam Market Research Reports.

3. Business Counseling Service
In addition to the expert guidance you will get from the Trade Specialists at your USEAC, CS Vietnam has American Commercial Officers and Vietnamese Commercial Specialists to counsel you on how to successfully market your products/services in Vietnam. Click here for a listing of: Commercial Officers and Commercial Specialists in Vietnam.

4. Gold Key Matchmaking Service (GKS)
The USEAC and CS Vietnam will work together to ensure that your visit to Vietnam will be a success by arranging appointments with qualified local partners, including potential agents, distributors or joint venture partners. Click here to find out more about the Gold Key Service in Vietnam.

5. International Partner Search (IPS)
Use our IPS if you are too busy to travel. IPS provides you with a list of at least four qualified and pre-screened potential business partners in Vietnam. You can then contact these firms on your own. Click here to sign up for the International Partner Search in Vietnam.

6. E-Counseling Service
Before you hop on a plane and fly halfway around the world, you can talk for free with the CS Vietnam Commercial Officers and Commercial Specialists by Skype® phone, have a live on-line discussion about specific documents via Webtrain, or participate in a video market briefing. Click here to learn more about the CS e-Counseling Services and Market Intelligence.

7. Platinum Key Service (PKS)
If you need longer term counseling or assistance in launching your business in Vietnam, the Platinum Key Service provides a customized Scope of Work agreement for a period of one year. Click here for more information on the Platinum Key Service.

8. Business Facilitation Service (BFS)
Business Facilitation Service (BFS) offers flexible solutions. These services can include interpretation/translation services; pick-up and delivery of bid documents; single company promotions; invitations to targeted members of the local business community; assistance with product seminars; use of U.S. Commercial Service facilities and space; videoconferencing facilities; and courier services. Clickk here for more information: Single Company Promotion and Contacts List

These are just some of the services offered to U.S. exporters by the Commercial Service. If you have other questions about how to successfully enter the Vietnam market, the American and Vietnamese experts at the Commercial Service will be happy to tailor their services to your particular needs. Please click here to contact the U.S. Commercial Service in Vietnam