FAQ – How to caculate your Cumulative GPA


“After reading all the scholarship requirements, I really want to apply for this scholarship. But there is a problem in that my academic performance (GPA) in the second year is less than 7.00. However, my cumulative GPA for all previous years is more than 7.00. So, today I send you a message to ask about my problem that if I can apply this scholarship or not? and have any exception for this case.”


This is a question of English comprehension, about the meaning of  “CUMULATIVE GPA of ALL previous years” and “GPA of EACH previous year.”

The guideline states: “With cumulative GPA of ALL previous years 7.0 or above.*

Now, we calculate the “cumulative GPA of ALL previous years” as follows (example):

Year #1GPA = 7.5with 40 credits
Year #2GPA = 6.9with 50 credits
Year #3GPA = 8.1with 60 credits
Total ALL Previous Years (Yrs 1, 2, 3)(7.5*40)+(6.9*50)+(8.1*60) = 1131
Avg ALL Previous Years (Yrs 1, 2, 3)1131 / (40+50+60) = 7.54 > 7.0

Now, this calculation shows that the student’s CUMULATIVE GPA of ALL previous years is greater than 7.0, even though one year’s GPA was less than 7.0, so the student is eligible to apply for the AmCham Scholarship.