What are necessary functions when operating an internship program?

Coordination: Coordinators’ main task is to take care of every aspect of an internship program, from planning and designing to the implementation and evaluation of interns. Their roles may also expand to act as a liaison between colleges and your company.

Supervision: Supervisors work and interact directly with interns in projects or daily tasks. Supervisors are expected to report to coordinators about interns’ performance, to manage assignments and activities of interns and support interns in their training.

However, it is not necessary to separate these roles, in other words, one staff can fulfill these two functions. Only a big company with many interns requires distinctive roles for better management, small-sized businesses may decide whether it is convenient and cost-effective to do so.

Is it a good idea to assign interns with clerical works?

A lot of companies think about interns as source of cheap labor so they use interns mainly for clerical tasks such as making copies, sending faxes, answering phones, filing papers, etc… In fact, these actions are more damaging to your company profile than you might think

• Interns may spread their words about your organization to their friends causing a negative company image to talented students.
• Using interns for clerical tasks damage your own benefit to assess skills from intern which can lead to improper evaluation and assessment for long-term positions. You will be wasting fresh ideas and other yet-to-be-discovered talents.

You should keep in mind that the main characteristic of an internship program is to learn, not to act as your personal assistant. Interns are looking for training, obtaining new skills and experiences in workplace environments. However, it does not mean that you are unable to ask for grunt works, as long that you maintain the majority of tasks for learning purposes. After all, a full time staff also does these things on a daily basis.

What are the differences between internship and part-time or volunteer job?

The key difference is the objective of internship program, is to-learn characteristic. Internship can be paid or unpaid, but that is not necessarily important. Eventually, internship is a transition from school to company and a opportunities for students to implement and use what they have learned from lecture halls into real working environment.

Should employer provide written intern performance report?

First, it is important to note that performance evaluation report should be provided to interns periodically. Since internship is all about learning and training, feedback is never more crucial than before, even in comparison to full time staff. Second, your organization needs to develop a methodological and comprehensive evaluation criteria.

In addition, the way that you provide feedback is also important. Depend on your organization culture, there are different ways to provide feedback to your interns, from informal talk during lunch time to formal team meetings or non-social computer printout. However, paper evaluation is suggested to be the best method because of it is beneficial in various ways:

• Focus specifically and clearly on the interns’ areas of improvement.
• Science shows that people will forget almost 60% of what they have heard after a short period of time. Therefore, oral feedback will not help interns very much on their improvement.
• Paper report allows interns to keep track of their progression and they can refer to your feedback more often.
• Written report also help your organization to assess your full time staff as a supervisor, which may allow you to see whether he/she is suitable as a mentor or not.

Samples of Internship Descriptions

Read any of the sample internship descriptions below. These are meant to provide you with ideas for your internship listings. You are welcome to contact us to to post any type of internship on our website; these are just a few examples to get you started.

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Finance/Accounting Intern
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Fine and Performing Arts Intern
Software Engineering / Computer Science Intern
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Medical / Scientific Research Intern


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