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AmCham often receives emails asking about employment opportunities with AmCham companies in Ho Chi Minh City. This FAQ will give you practical advice: three steps that will guide your efforts.

First, don’t waste your time or others’ time by being unprepared. It is essential to your job search or career change success that you do your homework and prepare yourself before contacting anybody. For expert practical advice on how to prepare for and conduct a job hunt, review several career information web sites, for example:

  •—Here you will find information about jobs in Vietnam, AND Job Search Basics (including Virtual Interviews, Interview Prep), Targeted Advice (based on your professional qualifications, industry focus), etc
  • Create a free digital identity to advance your career. Harness the power of the internet to raise your profile. One of the best business networking sites is You can create a free professional profile where you control the content. Then your name and a link to your profile are indexed on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and others. So when someone “googles” your name, your profile will appear in the search results. This is an ideal way to showcase your skills and expertise. Recruiters now use professional networking sites like to look for new talent. And because it’s known as a professional networking tool—unlike online job boards—you don’t have to worry that your boss will assume you’re job searching if or when your profile is found.

Second, if you are looking for a more senior position, be aware that many of the General Manager and other top positions are recruited by executive search firms that cover Vietnam from nearby cities, about one hour’s flight away, for example, Singapore, Bangkok, or Kuala Lumpur. Often they are looking for executives with proven records in other Asian countries, including Southeast Asia countries or China. In addition, they are looking for executives that have a regional vision and experience. You should visit the web sites of these executive search firms and register your interest, experiences and skills with them. Here are a few such executive search firms that have visited Vietnam and filled top management positions here in Vietnam:

Foster Partners Asia


Third, AmCham has over 450 companies in Ho Chi Minh City. Job-seekers should take time to go through the to learn more about the AmCham member companies, both from their listings on, and then click on the links on the member company listing pages to visit their web sites. Some of the AmCham member companies web sites have an “employment opportunities” button that you can click to contact that AmCham member company directly to ask about job opportunities, positions available, employment conditions, and other job-related questions.

For example, here are some company web site job links:

Apple Computer – Jobs

Jobs at Intel

Finally, and only after you have done your homework in steps one and two, you may click on this link to contact AmCham member firms that are in the Human Resouces, Executive Search industry sector: List of Human Resources, Executive Search,  companies of AmCham Vietnam, HCM City Chapter.

By the way, click this link for some Six essential job interview questions.

By the way, click this link for more hints on Interview Preparation.

Good luck in your job-hunting or career-changing!

Posted: Sep 25, 2005. Last Updated: Aug 31, 2016.