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Three Perfect Days / Ho Chi Minh City, published in Sep 2015 in Hemispheres, the magazine of United Airlines, the most award-winning inflight magazine in the United States. From Dec 2010, United Airlines had daily flights to/from Ho Chi Minh City from San Francisco and Chicago, via Hong Kong, since December 2004.

Fodor’s Guide to Ho Chi Minh City. Overview, Sights & Activities, Restaurants, Hotels, Nightlight & The Arts, Shopping, Smart Travel Tips.

New York Times Travel Guides: Ho Chi Minh City.
Articles about travel to Ho Chi Minh City, including where to stay, where to eat, what to do, when to go.

Lonly Planet’s Guide to Ho Chi Minh City. Short takes on HCM City include Introduction, Background Info, See, Eat, Sleep, Night, Shop, Image Gallery, Activities, Events, Transport, Money, General. “Best time to vist weather-wise” should be adjusted to Nov-Mar, since it can get pretty darned hot in April (think “Washington DC in August, but no rain). Actually, the so-called “rainy season” can be quite pleasant, as it usually only rains in the late afternoon, which cools and cleans the air (think summer thunderstorms in Charleston or Hilton Head SC). Click here to see average weather conditions in Ho Chi Minh City.

Rough Guide to Ho Chi Minh City. Introduction, Best of Ho Chi Minh City, Basics, Accommodation, Eating, Entertainment, Explore Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnam Online offers complete information on visiting, relocating, travel, tourism, working, and getting set up in Vietnam. Our contributors come from different walks of life, representing a broad range of nationalities and interests. We have men and women, young and middle aged, Hanoians and Vietnamese, Christians and Buddhists, all of whom are able to give you the most specific yet inclusive ideas about Vietnam.

Return to Vietnam. Pham Van Tu left Vietnam for America in 1975. At TET in 2001, he returned to Vietnam to show his children the country he once knew.

Vietnam’s Easy Rider. On a motorcycle tour, he became one with the road—and the people. Dustin Roasa and Naomi Lindt set out from Hanoi on motorcycles to experience the rolling hills and tight passes that keep rural Vietnam hidden from most Westerners’ eyes.

Adventures in Dalat and Phan Thiet

Dalat: Phat Tire Ventures
Phat Tire Ventures was created with the goal of providing challenging adventures deep into the unexplored and remote areas in the mountains of Central Vietnam. We understand how difficult it is to get off the established tourist track, and we are constantly exploring new routes and new places to mountain bike, hike, kayak, climb, rapell and explore. Most often the best places to go are the toughest, and most fun, to get to. Come visit us in Dalat! We’ve got some great new places we’d like to show you.

Phan Thiet: Jibe’s Beach Club
Kite-surfing and wind-surfing at Asia’s windiest beach … “This is one of the five top places in the world, and it’s definitely the best in Asia,” said Pascal Lefebvre, who maintains, a repository of wind data that appears to back up his claim. According to the Web site, which has data for the last five years, 2004 saw 246 days when the wind speed averaged greater than 14 miles per hour. A Vietnamese Resort is shaped by the wind, New York Times, 21 Aug 2005