Figaro: Leading Filipino coffee company eyes Vietnam expansion

Nov 26, 2012. Following its successful opening of international stores in China, Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea and Malaysia, Figaro, the leading Filipino coffee company plans to complete its 100 stores before the end of 2013, eyeing Vietnam as one of its international franchise location for next year.

Vietnam is the perfect location of Figaro’s next branch. Vietnamese and expats will soon enjoy Figaro’s wide array of beverage and food products from specialty and traditional European coffee, ice blended concoctions to delectable pastries, gourmet sandwiches, pasta, personal sized pizza and salad greens for the health buffs. Figaro’s European store concept and design will soon be built in Vietnam. Figaro will let Vietnam experience the European coffee shop ambiance with a very relaxed atmosphere conducive to short business meetings, social gatherings or simply having your lunch, dinner and night cap.

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