Foreign Business Associations roundtable with VCCI

HANOI – Some 19 representatives of foreign invested business associations have asked Vietnam to facilitate long-term business in the country by reducing procedures and paperwork.

Michael J. Pease, chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce in Hanoi (Amcham), approved of simplifying the business mechanism as Amcham’s enterprises show interest in power and deep-water port projects in the country.

VCCI chairman Vu Tien Loc shared their views, saying Vietnam should improve its investment environment and help FDI enterprises.

Ashok Sud, vice president of the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (Eurocham), said that Vietnam has too much paperwork. The matter is serious with Unilever who make nearly 20,000 orders a month.

FDI enterprises in the country’s distribution industry asked for more administrative transparency and for more objective criteria to license international retailers. Vietnam must answer to the World Trade Organization to establish retail chains.

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