Form 3, Form 3a, Form 3b – Advisory Council for Administrative Procedure Reform (Project 30)

TO: Members of the Legal & VBF Liaison Committee
FROM: Fred Burke, Chairman
SUBJ: Forms 3, 3a, and 3b – Advisory Council for Administrative Procedure Reform (Project 30)

We will discuss the Project 30 Form 3, 3a, 3b at our meeting next Tuesday, July 21.

Form 3 is a survey on the Administrative Procedure itself.

Form 3a is a survey on the Application Form used under that Administrative Procedure.

Form 3b is a review of the requirement/condition to implement the Administrative Procedure.

Ideally, committee members should start preparing the forms in advance for the issues / administrative procedures that they are concerned about.

Click these links to download soft copies of the Forms:
Folder, Form 3, 3a, 3b – Advisory Council on Administrative Procedures Reform (Project 30). This is a zip file that will un-zip (decompress) into a folder on your computer desktop with the Forms in both English and Vietnamese.

Click thes links to download the individual Forms:

Form 3 (English)Form 3 (Vietnamese)
Form 3a (English)Form 3a (Vietnamese)
Form 3b (English)Form 3b (Vietnamese)

Click the below links for additional background information.

Fred Burke
Chairman, AmCham Legal & VBF Committee

Additional Background Information

PM Decree No. 30/QD-Ttg, 10 Jan 07, Simplification of Administrative Procedures 2007-2010

Survey on administrative procedures that cause difficulties/obstacles for business/investors, Apr 22, 2009 AmCham, along with other chambers of commerce both domestic and foreign, sent a brief survey to its members asking for their suggestions as to which Administrative Procedures should be eliminated or streamlined (and why). AmCham received nearly 300 suggestions.

Project 30 Preliminary Survey of Unneeded Administrative Procedures, May 20, 2009. This report was presented at the May 18-21 workshop, and was also presented at the Vietnam Business Forum meeting on June 1, 2009].

Agenda and Background Documents May 18-21 Project 30 Workshop

Agenda (English) – May 18-21 Workshop on Administrative Procedures
Agenda (Vietnamese)

Background and Reference Documents (English)
Background and Reference Documents (Vietnamese)
090518-21 Project 30 Workshop Documents

Project 30 – Presentation for the Supply Chain Community, July 16, 2009