Former Party Secretary Calls for Tougher Anti-Corruption Drive

HANOI (AFP)—The former head of Vietnam’s ruling Communist Party, Le Kha Phieu, on Wednesday called for tougher anti-corruption measures. Phieu, who led the party from 1997 to 2001, caused a stir a few years ago when he said he had been offered thousands of dollars in bribes while in office.

“I have always wished and waited for greater results in this fight against corruption,” Phieu said.

“The progress made leaves much to be desired.”

Phieu however said corruption was “a disease which strikes not only Vietnam, but also other countries.”

The former party chief said the biggest problem facing Vietnam was figuring out how to create a “healthy administration.”

“Civil servants must be taught to understand that first and foremost, they are servants of the people,” he said.

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