Former U.S Ambassador Ted Osius awarded Vietnam’s Order of Friendship

Remarks by Vice Foreign Minister LÊ HOÀI TRUNG, July 31, 2018, Foreign Ministry of Vietnam

Excellency Ted Osius, former U.S Ambassador to Vietnam,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

Today, with the authority given by H.E. Tran Dai Quang, President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, I have the great honor to award the Order of Friendship to his Excellency Ted Osius, former Ambassador of the United States to Vietnam for the 2014-2017 term, a true friend of the Vietnamese people.

Ambassador Ted Osius is also the first U.S Ambassador to Vietnam to receive the Order of Friendship.

This is a precious award of the State of Vietnam to foreign individuals and groups having tremendous and active contributions to the development and promotion of the friendship, solidarity and cooperation between Vietnam and other countries in the world.

The decision to grant this noble award by the President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam demonstrates the recognition of the leader and people of Vietnam for your precious contributions in promoting, expanding the Vietnam-U.S. Comprehensive Partnership in your 3-year term working in Vietnam.

In the political-diplomatic field, we very much appreciate your active and effective contributions in working with us to arrange different mutual visits by our high-level leaders, including the historic visit to the US by General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong in July 2015, the visit to Vietnam by President Barack Obama in May 2016, the visit to the U.S by Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc in May 2017, and last but not least, the state-visit by President Donald Trump to Vietnam in November 2017.

With regards to economic and trade cooperation, during your term and leadership in Vietnam, the US Embassy in Hanoi provided support to businesses of both sides to access the markets, establish direct business contacts to maximize their strengths, potentials, our two economies to complement each other, contributing to promote the economic-trade-investment relations between our two countries over the years.

We also recognize your active support in enhancing and expanding our bilateral cooperation in education and training, people-to-people contact, resolving war legacies, particularly in putting forward the dioxin detoxification project in Danang Airport. We are very much happy to see that this project has been a great success and that both sides are working together to implement a similar project in Bien Hoa Airport.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Ambassador Ted Osius is one of the Ambassadors with deep understanding of Vietnamese culture. The Vietnamese people still remain inpressed with you and your video clip that you made before you arrived here, and they will always remember you, an Ambassador looking so relatable in the traditional Vietnamese outfit, going to the market to buy peach blossom branches for Tet, or even freeing carp on the Kitchen God Day. People from different provinces still recall with fond memories the images of you cycling across Vietnam.

Ambassador Ted Osius,

With such understanding of Vietnamese culture, I guess you heard this piece from our famous poet Che Lan Vien: “The land we stay is but itself, the land we leave our soul becomes”. With that, I can affirm you that my colleagues at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs still remember you as and Ambassador who always devotes 100% of your energy for the fine cooperation of our two countries, for the betterment of our two peoples, and most importantly, a true friend to us.
We believe that wherever you go and in whatever position you might hold, you still hold dear in your heart our country and people. We also believe that you will indeed contribute further to the promotion of the US-Vietnam friendship and multifaceted cooperation.

On behalf of the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and acting on behalf of the relevant agencies and Ministries of Vietnam, I would like to wish you and your family good health, happiness and success in your noble position.

I wish the Vietnam-US Comprehensive Partnership greater depth and continued development.
I wish all of you present here good health, happiness and success.