Global Development Alliances – Request for Proposals / Concept Papers

USAID missions and bureaus to triple the resources we leverage through Global Development Alliances. To achieve this goal, USAID seeks to expand its use of more strategic alliances with the private sector in order to further increase sustainable development impact and foster increased private sector-led growth in the developing world. Our objective is not aimed necessarily at increasing the number of alliances. Rather we seek to increase the overall strategic value of our alliances for fostering sustainable development in the developing world.

The Office of Development Partners (ODP) of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) invites interest from prospective partner organizations to form Global Development Alliances to carry out activities in support of USAID’s international development objectives. Alliance partners are expected to bring significant new resources, ideas, technologies, and/or partners to address development problems in countries where USAID is currently working. Partners could include a wide range of organizations such as: foundations, U.S. and non-U.S. non-governmental organizations (NGOs), U.S. and non-U.S. private businesses, business and trade associations, international organizations, U.S. and non-U.S. colleges and universities, U.S. cities and states, other U.S. Government agencies, civic groups, other donor governments, host country governments, regional organizations, host country parastatals, philanthropic leaders including venture capitalists, public figures, advocacy groups, pension funds and employee-welfare plans, etc.

Successful proposals will bring at least a 1:1 resource leveraging to focus on priority development activities within USAID’s manageable interest.

Proposals which involve corporate funding partners will also be seen as more competitive.

Since 2001, USAID, through Global Development Alliances, has cultivated more than 680 public-private alliances with over 1,700 individual partners to contribute more than $ 9 billion of combined public-private resources. Through our Global Development Alliances, USAID can facilitate access to broader financing options, assist in skill and knowledge development, and apply its extensive knowledge of country environments to help reduce the risks of investing in some of the world’s poorest countries. USAID strongly believes in the public-private alliance model and intends to dramatically increase the number of partnerships formed this year. This solicitation is encouraging and creating the competitive environment for new alliances to be created in FY09.

The U.S. Agency for International Development is seeking PUBLIC-PRIVATE ALLIANCES the following fields:













Please refer to the USAID website at for more information about the history and objectives of this initiative. The web site also provides examples of recent alliances worldwide.

Please also refer to for governing regulations, standard provisions, and required certifications that will need to be submitted by applicants at the time of award.

Important Differences from Previous Requests for Applications and Annual Program Statements in Public Private Alliances

For those applicants who have submitted alliance proposals previously, please note the following changes:

  • Prospective alliances must seek agreement from the mission or WOU before submitting a full application by preparing and submitting a concept paper to those units and gaining their concurrence to move forward to the application stage (see Annex A for Mission Points of Contact). All funding decisions concerning concept papers submitted under this APS are made by the mission or WOU, and not by the Office of Development Partners.
  • Applications are to be submitted directly to the missions or WOUs. Only upon receipt of positive mission/WOU feedback is the applicant to put together a full application for mission/WOU consideration. Concept Papers may be submitted throughout the fiscal year, though it is highly recommended that applicants submit concept papers as early as possible in the fiscal year. This will allow adequate time for mission/WOU to consider these concepts. Note that concept papers, if received before September 30, 2009, may also be considered for funding in FY2010.
  • There is no minimum or maximum financial contribution that may be sought from USAID under this APS. For reference purposes only, past awards have ranged from $ 50,000 to $ 10,000,000.
  • A minimum non-USAID resource leverage of at least 1:1 is necessary for an application to be even considered. However, alliances that leverage outside resources of at least 2:1 are preferred.
  • This utilization of an initial concept paper approach in the solicitation is further intended to provide a window of opportunity for resource partners to discuss with USAID staff their mutual interests in working together to build alliances that are of a common cause. Similarly, the APS also provides a window for USAID staff to discuss possible alliances with potential resource partners to identify activities of mutual interests.
  • The Office of Development Partners may also use this APS to solicit and review alliances.

    Click this link to download the complete Annual Program Statement, December 2, 2008.