Ho Chi Minh City Restaurant Guides

Restaurants – Bistros – Cafes & More Dining out in Saigon is a pleasure. Vietnamese cuisine is varied and all of its many varieties are easily found in the city. The lingering colonial influence of the French is still very much apparent in Saigon’s dining options. But as the country has opened up, foreign cuisines have infiltrated menus: Pizza, pasta, hamburgers and sizzling steaks, sushi and tempura, Chinese cuisine and Thai specialities – all are readily available at a wide range of outlets across the city. Finally, dining out in Saigon is excellent value for money.”

Here is a selection of online guides to dining in Ho Chi Minh City.

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TripAdvisor: Ho Chi Minh City Restaurants Reviews of 300 restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, written by resident ex-pats and visiting traveler. You’re sure to find something to like.

www.travelfish.org: Places to eat in HCM City Bars and nightlife, cafes and restaurants, mostly in the District 1 area.

anan HCM City Dining Guide

Provides information on restaurants by area, by cuisine, by menu, by category, by service (time of day), etc. Or insert the name of the restaurant you’ve heard about and are looking for. With maps, tel/fax, business hours, holidays, menus.

We have also included one guide to spas in Vietnam:


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http://wikitravel.org/en/Ho_Chi_Minh_City: scroll about half-way down for the restaurant guide.

“You’re spoiled for choice in Saigon, which offers the country’s largest variety of Vietnamese and international food. Bargains are getting harder to find, however, and restaurant prices have been rising at up to 30% per year due to a combination of higher food prices, rising wages, and soaring real estate costs. Land in the city centre now sells for around US$16,000 per square meter, so even a modest-sized restaurant sits on real estate worth more than US$1 million. Authentic local food at bargain prices is one of the glories of Vietnam, but it’s getting harder to find in Saigon as the city becomes ever more upscale and cosmopolitan.

“The local food shows influences from French colonial times – bakeries have fresh and excellent baguettes, which they will fill with cheese (typically of the “la vache qui rit” or “laughing cow” brand), potted meat, ham, and onions, or any combination thereof, cheaply. Beef is used in various dishes – whether in any of the many variations of pho, or in a regional specialty such as “bun bo Hue” or Hue beef soup. Be sure to try, aside from pho, dishes such as the above-mentioned Hue beef soup, or “banh xeo” aka. Vietnamese pancakes, consisting of a delicious filling of your choice (various options included bamboo shoots and enoki mushrooms, along with meat, prawns, or both) in a crispy outer crepe-like casing.”