IBM Technology Conference and Expo 2012 in HCMC May 15 and Hanoi May 17

Introducing a new category of Expert Integrated Systems

The IBM Technology Conference & Expo 2012 is back and bigger than ever. Last year saw the introduction of Smarter Computing, a systematic approach to IT that improves economics, revolutionizes decision-making and helps build smarter, more enduring businesses.

This year’s expo promises an acceleration of the journey to Smarter Computing. With IBM’s new category of expert integrated systems on the horizon, the pace is set towards gearing your IT infrastructure with the flexibility and expertise it needs to be the main driver of business success.

Join us at IBM Technology Conference & Expo 2012 and learn how patterns of expertise can change the way you run your business. Featuring the largest showcase of IBM’s integrated systems and solutions, as well as expert opinions on the latest IT trends, it’s an opportunity to transform your organization’s IT infrastructure with game-changing technology.

Experience a day of breakthrough ideas, innovative answers, technology exhibits, expert panel discussions and great networking opportunities. The world is changing rapidly. We can keep you up to speed.

Our approach to Smarter Computing is built on three main pillars:

Designed for data
An IT infrastructure designed for data generates insight by leveraging new forms of information.

Tuned to the task
Optimized systems reduce the total cost per workload while delivering better performance and improved IT economics.

Managed with cloud technologies
Cloud computing can help evolve data center capabilities to reduce costs while improving service delivery.

IBM has developed Smarter Computing technology that will illustrate integration across technology domains, automation of systems and process, transformation of IT through an architected approach and these will be covered during the course of the conference.

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