Idea Foundry • Business Creation and Entrepreneurial Accelerator for Vietnam

Idea Foundry: Business Creation and Entrepreneurial Acceleration

When: Thu, Jan 24th 2013 8:30 am to 11:00 am
Where: Renaissance Riverside Hotel Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City

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Innovation is the core of economic transformation and growth throughout world history. As Vietnam transitions from a manufacturing based economy to more of a technology and innovation based economy, and with more private enterprises emerging, it is calling for knowledge and expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation. Based on our research, we notice that Vietnamese government developed the Socio-Economic Development Strategy (SEDS) 2011-2020, which focuses on establishing a strong foundation for a modern, industrialized society by 2020.

Realizing the similarity between Pittsburgh city economic development history and the current stage of Vietnam’s economic landscape, Idea Foundry, a non-profit-organization founded in 2002 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, U.S.A would like to introduce our programs to Vietnamese entrepreneurs, which we strongly believe that the programs would assist Vietnam in her long-term development process.


08:30Registration and Refreshments
09:00Welcome and Introduction
09:05Presentation by Michael M. Matesic, President & CEO of Idea Foundry, Inc.,
09:35followed by Q&A
10:15Event Ends


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MatesicMichael M. Matesic, President & CEO of Idea Foundry, Inc., is a seasoned business executive experienced in working with businesses at a variety of stages. Over the last 10 years at Idea Foundry he has invested in and par-cipated in the development of over 100 technology start-ups, creating jobs in the region. Previously, Mr. Matesic was Chief Executive Officer for two start-up companies and Chief Financial Officer for MetalSite, Inc., participating in the rapid growth of the company and public registration process. While at MetalSite, Mr. Matesic led the startup of the company’s subsidiary, ScrapSite.

Before that he served as Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Anker Coal Group and its subsidiaries where he was responsible for Human Resources, Informa-on Technology, Tax and Finance func-ons. During his ten years with Anker Coal, Mr. Matesic led a successful registra-on with the Securities and Exchange Commission, managed the company’s substantial growth, established and invested in various start-up companies and completed many

A 1987 graduate of Duquesne University with a B.S. in Business Administration, he spent two years on the audit staff of Ernst & Young, LLP in Pibsburgh.