Interview with the new Party Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong

VietNamNet Bridge. In a half hour, the newly-elected Party Secretary General of the Communist Party of Vietnam Nguyen Phu Trong answered over ten questions from six local and foreign journalists at the international press conference in Hanoi on January 19.

Without any prepared text, the Party Secretary General was “ready to directly answer any question.” Representatives of the Foreign Ministry, the Party Central Committee’s Office, the Central Organization Center also answered questions with the new Party Chief.

With experience as the National Assembly Chairman, how will you use your experience in interpellation in the Party?

Party Secretary General Nguyen Phu Trong: Questioning is one of the forums to ensure democracy.

The National Assembly discusses daily, urgent issues related to the people and society. The Party Central Committee discusses great policies and strategies of the country.

I believe that in the coming time, we need more interpellation in the Party. It is important to create an environment for Party members to exchange opinions directly and outspokenly.

What fields will you emphasize on to make your hallmarks?

Mr. Trong: Actually, I don’t do anything to polish myself. The responsibility of a Party member and an official is seriously implementing the Party’s resolutions. One of the most important lessons that we have learned since the Party was established is building solidarity. Building great solidarity is a strategic issue.

We have to strive from now until 2015 to build foundations to become an industrialized country by 2020.

There are three keys for breakthrough: infrastructure, human resources and institution.

You are an ideologist who was involved in composing Political Program 91. The Party Congress voted on the most important issue: production materials as public property. In your opinion, how will this influence the upcoming policies of Vietnam?

Mr. Trong: Yesterday I said at the Congress that it is the right of the Party Congress and we have to obey it. However, it will not influence the consistency of the Party, or of Vietnam.

Some analysts said that Vietnam has taken initiative to cope with economic challenges like high inflation, the monetary policy, etc. What policy will the Vietnamese government make in the time coming?

Vice chief of the Party Central Committee’s Office Nguyen Van Thao: Last year, Vietnam’s inflation was high and foreign debt was big but they were under control. Our top priority is maintaining macro-economic stability to maintain growth. Our major measures are boosting the restructuring of the economy to raise quality, effectiveness and completing institutional changes.

The report of the Central Inspection Committee said that fighting corruption failed to meet its goals. What will the Party do to fight corruption?

Deputy Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh: The Party and State always emphasize fighting corruption and take measures to ensure that all corruption activities are seriously punished. That’s our policy in the time coming.

There is information that Vietnam suppresses democratic groups. As the Party Secretary General has said, in this National Party Congress, delegates exchanged opinion democratically and frankly. What policy will Vietnam have to improve human rights in Vietnam?

Deputy Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh: Human rights is the goal, the motive force and the policy of the Party and State of Vietnam. Our state has policies to ensure our people enjoy their rights and these policies are fully realized. Vietnam is willing to make dialogue with all related countries about human rights. Countries have different approaches to human rights. To solve that difference, the Vietnamese government is willing to have dialogue. That’s our consistent policy.

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