Japan to resume ODA to Vietnam after bribery corruption scandal

TOKYO, Feb 23, 2009 (Reuters) – Tokyo will resume providing yen loans to Vietnam, the Japanese foreign ministry said on Monday, after the biggest aid donor to the Southeast Asian country suspended new loans last August over a bribery scandal.

“The anti-corruption measures report has been finalised and those involved on the Vietnamese sides were arrested. This is why we are resuming at this timing,” said Kozo Honsei, an official at Japan’s foreign ministry, after the Japanese Foreign Minister met with the Vietnamese Minister of Planning and Investment in Tokyo.

The scandal, seen as Japan’s biggest aid corruption case, broke out in August when four Tokyo-based consultants were arrested in Japan on allegedly bribing Ho Chi Minh City officials in return for consulting contracts in 2001-2003 on a highway project using over USD$ 400 million in yen loans.

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