Japanese firm “hit with 15% bribe demand” for corrupt payments to Vietnamese official

Tokyo, Aug 8 (Yomiuri) – A Ho Chi Minh City office allegedly demanded a 15 percent kickback from Pacific Consultants International on two projects in return for giving all-inclusive orders to the company about eight years ago, according to a former PCI executive.

PCI received an order in October 2001 from PMU after competitive bidding for a contract worth a total of 1.1 billion yen for a highway construction project in the city funded by Japanese official development assistance. In March 2003, PCI also received an order from PMU for a related project worth 2 billion yen, this time on a discretionary basis.

According to the former PCI executive, PMU promised PCI in around 2000 that it would decide to give orders to the company before it put contracts out to tender if PCI paid it a 15 percent kickback in return.

PCI then negotiated a lower kickback of 10 percent arguing that the total value of the two projects would be as high as 3 billion yen.

PCI Managing Director Haruo Sakashita did the negotiating with PMU, getting them to agree to a 10 percent kickback worth 300 million yen and to its payment in installments. PCI started paying the installments in 2001.

But PMU repeatedly accused PCI of falling behind on its kickback payments and in 2005 demanded immediate payment of the whole amount, saying it would otherwise refuse to pay out any more project-related funds, he said.

According to the Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office Special Investigation Headquarters, former PCI managing director, Kunio Takasu and other PCI officials paid more than 200 million yen to the head of PMU between 2001 and 2006.

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Shortly before his arrest, Takasu had given exclusive interviews to The Yomiuri Shimbun, offering details regarding how cash from PCI was handed to a high-ranking Vietnamese official in return for a business contract. The arrests Monday, Aug 4, were on suspicion of colluding in bribing the Vietnamese official with a total of 820,000 dollars, including 220,000 dollars in 2006, in return for the road construction consultancy contract and future favors.

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Hôm thứ Hai công tố viện ở Nhật Bản cho hay đã bắt cựu chủ tịch công ty Pacific Consultants International (PCI) Masayoshi Taga và ba quan chức cả đương vị lẫn đã rời chức vụ của công ty này vì cáo buộc đưa hối lô. Các nguồn tin cho hay viên quan chức VN đã thừa nhận ăn hối lộ khi bị các cơ quan điều tra của VN thẩm vấn theo đề nghị của phía Nhật. Tuy nhiên hiện chưa rõ ông này bị phía VN xử lý ra sao.

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