Jonathan Moreno, Candidate for Board of Governors, Annual General Meeting 2014

JMoreno ProfileJonathan L. Moreno
General Director, Sandhill Scientific Vietnam Ltd.

Jonathan is the General Director of Sandhill Scientific Vietnam, providing leadership since its inception in December, 2010. Sandhill Scientific Vietnam serves its parent company (, which is one of the world’s leading medical device companies specializing in gastrointestinal diagnostic equipment, in addition to several sister medical device companies. Sandhill’s manufacturing operation in Binh Duong represents the “third wave” of US high technology investment in Vietnam.

Prior to being selected by Sandhill to lead its Vietnam operation, Jonathan was president of an organization founded by David M. Beasley, former South Carolina Governor (1995-1999), specializing in market entrance strategies for small and medium sized companies seeking to engage emerging markets throughout Eastern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia. In this capacity, Jonathan first travelled to Vietnam in 2006, and became enthusiastic about its opportunities and navigating its challenges. Jonathan is frequently requested to speak to and consult with government, commercial, and academic groups investigating trade and investment opportunities in Vietnam.

In addition to achieving Sandhill’s business objectives, Jonathan is currently serving as a member of AmCham’s Board of Governors and Chairman of AmCham’s Manufacturing and Governance Committees. He previously was Chair of AmCham’s Nominating Committee and Vietnam Business Forum’s (VBF) Customs Working Group. He holds an MBA from the University of Hawaii and Bachelors in International Studies from the University of South Carolina.

Jonathan, his family (wife: Ashley, children: AJ, Drew, and Anna), and Sandhill Vietnam are highly committed to working alongside the local staff and community leaders to develop key community service initiatives. They view Vietnam as more than a manufacturing destination: rather, investing in Vietnam is an opportunity to contribute to the country’s health, educational, and societal growth.

Vision for AmCham

“The past several years, serving alongside the great staff of AmCham and colleagues in the business community, has truly been a professional highlight. It is a privilege to grow our chamber, collectively sharpen the business community’s effectiveness, and contribute toward making Vietnam the most attractive investment destination in SE Asia.

I believe the Vietnam/US relationship is at an all-time high and will continue to grow stronger in the future. The Trans Pacific Partnership, Vietnam-EU Free Trade Agreement, and implementation of ASEAN Single Window are just a few indicators that the future is bright for Vietnam. Nonetheless, some serious challenges remain such as: effective implementation of trade agreements; developing modern and transparent policies; and maintaining a dynamic partnership with the business community. AmCham Vietnam is strategically poised to be a partner and catalyst with Vietnam towards these ends.

My continued focus areas will be:

  • Helping grow an engaged and valuable manufacturing committee, which serves as a networking and information sharing hub for AMCHAM manufacturing leaders.
  • Ensuring continued persistence in efforts which encourage Vietnam Customs to enhance and modernize their processes in accordance with the World Customs Organization (WCO).
  • Being a business ambassador for visiting US delegations exploring investment and under-connected/challenged companies already invested in Vietnam.
  • Positioning an already strong and effective chamber to develop further and maintain its position of significance.