Jonathan Moreno, Candidate for Board of Governors 2020

Jonathan Moreno

General Director, Diversatek Vietnam

Jonathan is the General Director of Diversatek Vietnam (formerly Sandhill Scientific and Medovations), a member of the Diversatek group of medical technology companies. Diversatek opened its Vietnam manufacturing operation in Binh Duong, December 2010, representing a US high-technology investment, and continues to expand.

In 2012, Jonathan helped form AmCham’s first Manufacturing Committee. The committee was established to increase value for AmCham’s manufacturing sector members, including the supporting supply chain, by providing networking opportunities and collaborative solutions which cannot be achieved as effectively by individual member companies. Key initiatives included advocacy related to trade facilitation and the annual “Supplier’s Day.”

Currently, Jonathan provides leadership for AmCham’s Healthcare Committee.  The Healthcare Committee is a critically important network uniquely representing AmCham companies across all healthcare sectors such as pharma; medical devices; hospitals and clinics; physicians; pharmacies; diagnostics; and supporting services.

Jonathan also served on the AMCHAM HCMC Board of Governors from 2013-2018. He served as Vice Chair in 2016 and Chairman in both 2017-2018.   Additionally, he served on the Vietnam Business Forum Management Board.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in International Studies from the University of South Carolina and a MBA from the University of Hawaii.

Statement of Interest:

Background: Since first moving to Vietnam in 2011, I have appreciated the platform for information sharing, networking, and advocacy that AmCham HCMC provides.  My medical device company has found involvement in AmCham to be an important and valuable network assisting our development of a successful Vietnam investment.

A company’s membership in AmCham becomes more helpful and valuable when its representatives invest their time and efforts in AmCham leadership.  I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to serve in various leadership roles including: Founder & Chair of the Manufacturing Committee; AmCham Representative to the Vietnam Business Forum Management Board; Member of the Board of Governors from 2013-2018; Vice Chairman of the Board in 2016; and Chairman of the Board in both 2017-2018.

During my past season of AmCham leadership, I had the privilege of playing a role (along with others) to facilitate AmCham’s growth in terms of membership, revenue, events, membership value, committees, diversity, and organizational governance.  It has been extremely gratifying to see this continue under the direction of the 2019 Board led by Chairwoman Amanda Rasmussen and with our new Executive Director, Mary Tarnowka.

Statement of Interest: I would be honored to have the opportunity to rejoin the Board of Governors to continue these growth efforts especially during this season whereby Vietnam is a worldwide rising star for trade and investment.   I believe my institutional knowledge of AmCham Vietnam and continued vision for “greater things ahead” would be a compliment to the wonderful new and recent additions to the Board of Governors.

Vision for the future:  Currently and into the near future, I intent to invest significant leadership efforts to develop the AmCham Healthcare Committee.  This committee provides an amazing opportunity to leverage AmCham companies to engage and grow Vietnam’s underdeveloped and underserved Healthcare system.   This committee is unique because it is represented by all healthcare sectors (ie pharma, devices, hospitals/clinics, etc.).  I believe we will develop this committee to become the “go to source” for healthcare issues by both the Vietnamese and US governments.  This committee will hopefully become the leading edge for trade, investment, and overall development of Vietnam’s healthcare domain.

Additionally, I am very interested in helping develop AmCham HCMC’s advocacy capabilities ensuring that AmCham HCMC members will be fully serviced with their advocacy needs whether in HCMC, Danang, Hanoi, or Washington DC.

Finally, I believe there are many creative ways that AmCham can grow revenues and better serve members which have not yet been developed.  One such idea would be for AmCham to partner with and/or directly invest in a co-working space which would not only provide better meeting space for AmCham committees and meetings… It could also serve as a business launching pad for new AmCham companies investing in Vietnam.

Thank you very much for your consideration of my candidacy for the 2020 Board of Governors.

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