Long Hau Industrial Park – An Ideal Investment Destination

Long Hau is the only industrial park in Vietnam that has achieved Quest for Excellence Quality Asia Pacific for the Perfect Business Model. Many domestic and foreign organizations highly appreciate its complete services, strategic location, and environment.

The Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO) was founded and organized by National Quality Organizations in Asian and Pacific Rim countries including the American Society for Quality and was incorporated in the Philippines in 1985. It is a non-profit organization formed to be a primary mover for quality and continuous improvement for goods and services and quality of life in the Asia Pacific Region, APQO has several hundred National Quality Organizations (Core Members), Corporate Members, Life Members and Individual Members. For more information about APQO visit www.apqo.org

The Global Performance Excellence Award (GPEA), formerly known as The International Asia Pacific Quality Award (IAPQA) is given only to a company which had already won the national quality award in its home country and which had passed the rigorous final screening by the IAPQA Council. The IAPQA will, thus, set a new quality benchmark for the Asia Pacific region.

Long Hau Corporation won the Quest for Excellence Award In 2010..

Long Hau Industrial Park (Long Hau IP) is located in strategic position of the southern key economic region. Its location is in Can Giuoc District, Long An Province, nearly Hiep Phuoc port city at Nha Be District, Ho Chi Minh city in which Western and Eastern provinces are conveniently connected through an easy waterway and road transportation system. Besides, Long Hau IP has become a modern industrial park that can fully meet the strict requirements of foreign investors in terms of infrastructures, utilities, services and green fresh environment. Long Hau IP has attracted big names such as Puma (Germany), Lotte (Republic of Korea) and Tazmo (Japan), etc to invest in the park

View of Long Hau IP
The view of Long Hau Industrial Park

In addition, to diversify its product line, Long Hau has developed Read-Built Factory in various areas to suit investors ‘needs behind Industrial Land. Long Hau IP’s environment meets the quality standards ISO 14001:2004 and green tree land at 18 percent of total area. Long Hau has also built a dormitory providing accommodation for 7,200 people, a medical clinic, a mini supermarket, a kindergarten, a human resource development centre and customs house to go along with the growth of investors working in Long Hau IP.

Long Hau dormitory
Long Hau dormitory

Since its establishment in 2006, until now, Long Hau has attracted over 100 domestic and foreign investors, filling up to 70 percent of the land area with total pledged investment capital of VND3,600 trillion and USD52 million and the foreign investors reach about 51 percent of total investors locating in Long Hau IP.

Long Hau is constantly improving and bringing excellent services and high-qualified utilities to enterprises in the park and becoming a partner in their success.