Manufacturing Committee Action Plan 2012

Leadership Team

Board Liaison:Rick Howarth, Intel Products Vietnam
Chair:Jonathan L. Moreno, Sandhill Scientific Vietnam
Vice Chair 1:Michèle Auerbach, Penflex Viet Nam Co., Ltd.
Vice Chair 2:Drew Richmond, Spartronics
Secretary:Hal Kufahl, Fluid Power and Controls Co., Ltd.


To increase the value of AmCham membership for its manufacturing sector members, including the supporting supply chain, by providing networking opportunities and collaborative solutions which could not be achieved as effectively by individual member companies.

2012 Goals

• Grow the AmCham membership base of manufacturing companies
• Strengthen the local supply chain
• Encourage and support the movement of Viet Nam customs towards more modern and transparent processes


1. Create a vibrant committee of 8-12 active members that participate regularly (monthly) in committee meetings/events and at least an additional 50 (“passive”) members that participate several times throughout the year. This committee would serve to address issues identified by the manufacturing community and increase the AmCham manufacturing base by 20 companies.

• The committee will meet the 3rd Monday of every month unless otherwise noted by the Leadership Team
• Organize two or three events/initiatives for the benefit of manufacturing companies
• Supplement a leading legal company “Steps to Establishing and Operating a Company in Viet Nam” document with manufacturing company considerations and/or produce an issues paper that covers the top 10 concerns with establishing and operating a manufacturing company in Viet Nam
• Semi-annual meeting between the leadership teams of the Manufacturing Committee and the Legal Committee to discuss Vietnam policy issues/recommended changes that would specifically impact the manufacturing community. Hold follow-up meetings with entire committee if necessary

2. Create a network of local vendors that are able and qualified to support manufacturing companies.

• Organize a Supplier Day whereby AMCHAM members and other invited manufacturing companies can meet with high quality supply chain vendors
• Arrange meetings with manufacturing committees of other chambers to collaborate ways to develop the local supply chain
• Produce an issues paper that addresses the concerns and ways to improve the local supply chain in Viet Nam

3. Obtain information to make the customs process more efficient and convenient for manufacturing companies.


Organize a two-step briefing/consultation imitative to expand the E-Customs clearance process currently used by Intel
Step 1: E-Customs overview and briefing led by Intel and possibly HCMC Customs
Step 2: E-Customs consultation roundtable with HCMC, Binh Duong, and Bien Hoa Customs
Organize a Q&A roundtable with HCMC/ Binh Duong / Bien Hoa Customs focused on Export Processing Enterprises (EPE) and manufacturing companies operating with Processing Contracts
Collaborative meetings with other Chamber manufacturing committees (i.e. Japanese, Korean) led by AMCHAM manufacturing committee
Produce an issues paper that covers the concerns with the ease of customs/transparency and proposed ways to navigate through customs obstacles

2012 Action Plan Timeline

MayStep 1 E-Customs Briefing with Intel
JunStep 2 E-Customs consultation roundtable with HCMC, Binh Duong, and Bien Hoa Customs
AugSupplier Day
OctEPE/Processing Contract Q&A Roundtable with HCMC, Binh Duong, and Bien Hoa Customs
NovAnnual issues survey to AMCHAM Manufacturing members
DecYear-End Meeting to review survey and plan for 2013

Existing and Proposed Committee Members

See Attachment titled, “Manufacturing Proposed Members”

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