Millions contribute opinions re amendments to 1992 Constitution

Draft Amendments to 1992 ConstitutionThe Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee (VFF CC) has garnered eight million opinions from people of all walks of life commenting on the draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution since the poll was launched.

VFF CC Chairman Huynh Dam handed over a report summing up the opinions to the Committee on drafting amendments to the 1992 Constitution at a ceremony in Hanoi on April 1.

Dam said the opinions reflect people’s keen interest in amending the 1992 Constitution to make it that of people that reflect their will and aspirations.

People of all strata, from intellectuals, heads of ethnic groups and religious dignitaries to overseas Vietnamese, have contributed their whole-hearted, constructive, thoughtful opinions to the draft, he added.

National Assembly Vice Chairman Uong Chu Luu, who is also deputy head of the committee on drafting amendments to the 1992 Constitution, said the entire people have brainstormed as many opinions as possible to serve the nation’s renewal and development.

In the time to come, the VFF and its affiliates should collaborate with authorities at all levels to collect more public opinions on the draft before it is adopted by the National Assembly, Luu said.

He said his committee will instruct the compiling board to meticulously study these opinions to come up with complete amendments to the 1992 Constitution.

The draft revisions to the 1992 Constitution were first made public on January 2 for public feedback in line with Resolution 38/2012/QH13 adopted by the National Assembly on November 23, 2012.

The Politburo of the Communist Party of Vietnam Central Committee also issued a directive highlighting the importance of collecting opinions from people of all strata on the draft amendments to the 1992 Constitution.

Directive 22-CT/TW, which was signed for issuance by Party General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong on December 28, states that this is an important political activity of the entire Party, people and political system.

It aims to promote the right of mastery, brainpower and aspirations of people of all strata as well as the administration at all levels and all sectors, to contribute to building Vietnam into a law-governed socialist country of, by and for the people.


Posted: Apr 1, 2013