New food safety agency in HCM City

The People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City has ordered the Department of Home Affairs to work with three departments responsible for management of food safety and hygiene — health, agriculture and rural development, and industry and trade — to initiate the project. The agency will be equipped with food testing laboratories and have the authority to monitor food safety at the stages of producing, processing, transporting and selling to customers.

It will also have the authority to issue licences to producers and inspect products when they reach the marketplace to ensure food quality and safety. Customers will feel safe about choosing products with food safety stamps affixed by this agency.

Under the revised Criminal Procedure Code that will take effect on July 1, those who violate the Food Safety Law could face criminal liability. Therefore, State management agencies’ capacity to test foods should be enhanced to ensure accurate results are available to punish violators.

Source: New food safety agency in HCMC

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