New Vietnamese regulations on Personal Income Tax

The latest regulations on Personal Income Tax include new exemptions and flat rates applied on Business Income and Irregular Incomes. For more information, please refer to our updated Brochure on Personal Income Tax.

Furthermore, our Brochures on Corporate Income Tax and Value Added Tax have been updated. Now these publications are available:


  • – Foreign Contractor Withholding Tax, 24 pages, March 2015
  • – Corporate Income Tax, 43 pages, April 2015
  • – Value Added Tax, 29 pages, April 2015
  • – Personal Income Tax, 31 pages, April 2015


  • – Logistics Regulations in Vietnam, 12 pages, October 2014
  • – Work Permits, Visa and Temporary Resident Cards for Foreigners working in Vietnam, 22 pages, – February 2015
  • – Business and Investment in Vietnam, 30 pages, November 2014
  • – Wind Energy, 13 pages, March 2015


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