Next generation iPhone (4G) found in Vietnam

It appears another of Apple’s next-generation iPhone protoypes is in the wild: Vietnam, to be exact.

Images of what appears to be an iPhone similar to the one at the center of last month’s Apple-Gizmodo flap have surfaced on Vietnamese language web site, Taoviet. The images include a complete hardware teardown, with close-ups of markings and Apple logos, of the purported next generation iPhone model.

“It looks almost exactly the same as the one that appeared on Gizmodo’s website,” Hiep said by telephone. “But it looks newer and has no screws.”

Although it’s unusual for Apple gadgets to be seen months before they are officially unveiled, the recent leaks are not all that surprising, said Van Baker, an analyst with technology research firm Gartner Inc.

IPhones have transmitters that connect to cellphone networks, which means they require regulatory approval and a good deal of field testing, Baker said.

“That complicates the issue a little bit for them,” he said.

The cellphone pictured on the Vietnamese site is almost identical to the one found in Redwood City. The chief differences are that it doesn’t have two screws on its bottom surface and it says it has 16 gigabytes of storage. The amount of storage in the Redwood City gadget was crossed out.

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