Notice from U.S. Consulate General: Possible Melamine Contamination

U.S. Consulate General, Ho Chi Minh City
October 6, 2008

Subject: Possible Melamine Contamination

The Chinese government recently announced that the industrial contaminant melamine has been discovered in many brands of infant formula produced in China. Following these reports, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued an advisory warning to consumers that any formula produced in China may contain melamine and should not be used. The FDA has also issued recalls for products on sale in the United States due to possible melamine contamination. The list can be found at The Vietnamese government has confirmed seizures of powdered milk manufactured in China after samples tested positive for melamine.

Melamine has since been found in other dairy products in China as well, and the Chinese authorities have dispatched inspection teams around the country to conduct a comprehensive check of milk products for contamination. Because of the uncertainties related to dairy products in China, the Embassy is not in a position to monitor or verify the quality of any dairy product produced in China.

As a result of these warnings, the Embassy Medical Unit has given the following advice to Embassy employees: “If you are currently using an infant formula that was manufactured in China and your infant demonstrates symptoms of irritability with an incessant painful cry with
decreased, concentrated urine flow with blood immediately seek medical attention. If your child demonstrates no symptoms, screening with blood tests is not recommended at this time.”

Additional information can be found at:

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