Officials dismissed for certifying 800 substandard aquaculture products

The General Directorate of Fisheries has punished its Director of Aquaculture Department Bui Duc Quy for making fake seafood certificates for the circulation of 800 substandard aquaculture products when he was the Director of the Center for Aquaculture Testing with other officials. 

Quy and Le Tuan Anh, deputy head of the Administrative Management Department of the General Directorate of Fisheries were expelled from the Communist Party and removed from their posts. Five employees of the Center for Aquaculture Testing were fired and one was given a warning.

The General Directorate of Fisheries said that in April 2015, the agency received denunciations of some officials and staff of the Center for Aquaculture Testing who abused their positions and power to forge the certificate of circulation of aquatic products and aquaculture environment rehabilitation products to seek profit for themselves.

Specifically, these people made fake certificates for 140 animal feed products and 668 products for the treatment and rehabilitation of aquatic environments contrary to the provisions of law.

Quy received VND912 million ($45,000) from Vu Thi Thu.

According to regulations, before distributed, aqua products and products for treating and improving environment in aquaculture must be inspected and given certificates by the Quality Assurance and Testing Centre 3. However, it was discovered that firms could just pay VND5m immediately for the approval of one product since 2013.

Source , Jul 22, 2016

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