Party charts a path for the nation

The Communist Party’s Central Committee’s 7th plenum, which gathered from July 9-17, passed three resolutions on strengthening the Party’s leadership towards youth-related work during the acceleration of national industrialisation and modernisation, building the intellectual circle during the acceleration of national
ndustrialisation and modernisation, and agriculture, farmers and rural areas.

Manh noted that the topics of discussion and decisions made at the plenum were “very important and necessary in both long-term strategic and immediate views to meet the new requirements of the country’s industrialisation, modernisation and international integration processes.”

Manh particularly urged the drastic direction by all authorities and Party members to address the difficulties facing the economy in the last months of the year. “In the last six months of the year, we have to continue applying the tightened monetary policy with flexible management and the fiscal policy which aims at reducing regular spending; delaying investments in non-imperative projects; accelerating exports; limiting trade deficit; radically directing savings in both production and consumption… to control inflation,” he said.

Manh also requested for the review and annulment of inappropriate regulations dampening business, production and investment activities.

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