Party Congress Jan 12-19 in Hanoi

The Party Central Committee has announced that it would hold the Eleventh Party Congress at the National Convention Center in Hanoi from January 12-19.

A preparation session will be held January 11, according to a statement released on Wednesday at the end of a Party conference that opened on December 13.

On the basis of the high consensus and determination of the whole Party, people and army during the discussion and formulation of the Congress’s documents, the CPV defined the theme of the 11th National Party Congress as follows: “Continuing to strengthen the Party’s leadership and combative capacity, promoting the aggregate strength of the entire nation, stepping up the renewal comprehensively and creating a foundation for Vietnam to become a modern industrialized country by 2020”.

At least 1,400 delegate representing more than 3.6 million members in 54,000 grassroots Party organizations are expected to attend the Party Congress. The congress will choose new leaders and approve a five-year socio-economic strategy for 2011-2015 as well as a longer-term vision to 2020.

Members of the Congress have been elected by their party colleagues at the provincial or central level. They will vote in a Central Committee of about 150 members, which will in turn elect the Politburo, the decision-making body of about 17 members. The Politburo then assigns among itself the key positions.

The congress will discuss and approve a political report by the CPV Central Committee (tenth tenure), a report reviewing the 20-year implementation of the platform on national construction in the transition to socialism, and a detailed draft report that sums up the implementation of the 2011-2010 national socio-economic development strategy.

It is also expected to give approval to the platform on national construction in the transition to socialism (revised and supplemented in 2011), the 2011-2020 national socio-economic development strategy as well as the amended Party Statute.

The congress will elect a new Central Committee (CPVCC) for the 11th tenure of 2011-2015, the highest body of the CPV leadership between the two congresses.

The party has an age limit of 65 for choosing members of the Politburo. Only Politburo members can occupy senior leadership posts like the party chief, the president, the prime minister and National Assembly chairman.

Both the current party chief, Nong Duc Manh, 71, and president Nguyen Minh Triet, 68, are to step down because of their age.

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11th Party Congress will take place from January 12 – 19

Đại hội XI của Đảng sẽ được tổ chức từ ngày 12 đến ngày 19/1/2011

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