Politic ties and efforts vital: new Party leaders

Both 35 years old, they were elected out of 61 nominees during the 11th Party Congress.

The first is Nguyen Thanh Nghi, deputy director of the University of Architecture in Ho Chi Minh City and eldest son of the incumbent Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung.

The other is Nguyen Xuan Anh, head of Lien Chieu district Party cell in Da Nang and eldest son of Nguyen Van Chi – a former Politburo member and former chairman of the Central Party Commission for Inspection.

Below is excerpt from the interview:

Nguyen Thanh Nghi:

Can you tell us why you were nominated for the highest Party organ although you were not an official delegate to the Party Congress?

I would like to thank all those delegates who nominated me. They told me that they wanted to nominate young, educated people. I respect their opinions but I did not think I would be elected because I heard that there were many nominees.

I think that working in politics is not simple. For the time being, we must do our best in our current job.

If you are requested to work in another position. What would you say?

If the organ wants , we Party members must obey. In reality, I have no plan to be transferred, I just want to work in the technical field.

According to you, do young intellectuals today pay attention to politics?

I don’t think young people are indifferent and only want to care for their personal lives. Young Vietnam is very enthusiastic and aspires to grow with the country’s growth. Here, it requires two sides: young people must strive to train and the organizations must create opportunities, believe in them and use them.

Do you often discuss with your father on issues you feel pressing, for example, education reform?

Of course, yes but they must have a basis. I often discuss with my father many issues, not just those concerning education. My dad listens to and replies to all of my questions.

Can I frankly ask you this: is your current success due to your personal competence or due to your family ties?

Due to both my family traditions and my personal endeavors. If I were supported but could not do this and that, how could that person stand, especially in technical work like teaching.

For me, family tradition serves only as the base but that cannot be used as a support and especially in the technical field, cannot serve as anything .

Public pressure and family tradition can only make me strive better and work better.

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