Presentation 2.0: Create Impact with Stories & Visuals

ClickCommunication_Presentation 2.0_September_2013

September 21 @ ClickSpace, 28 To Ngoc Van, Hanoi

September 28 @ Novotel, 167 Hai Ba Trung, District 3, HCMC

8:30AM – 17:30PM. Lunch not included.  

Fees & Registration

Space limited in both locations. For registration and payment information, fill out the registration form or contact Anh Dzung at 090 506 8866 & [email protected].

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The workshop

Presentation 2.0 represents a high-impact and increasingly popular approach to presentations that has brought tremendous success to some of the best presenters of our time, including Steve Jobs, Al Gore, Sir Ken Robinson, and the TED speakers. This approach marries the 10,000-year-old technique of storytelling with the visual capability of modern technology to create a uniquely compelling way to deliver a message. This method of visual storytelling is considered a paradigm shift from the ubiquitous fact-heavy but unremarkable presentations devoid of a meaningful message too common in the professional world.

No matter if you are a teacher, a sales executive, a CEO, a student, a team member, or a parent, Presentation 2.0 will help you become a much more effective presenter and communicator.

This Presentation 2.0 training workshop will positively change the way you think about, prepare for, and deliver presentations. It will be a highly interactive and participative experience that provides you with skills needed to implement the Presentation 2.0 approach and take your presentation skills to the next level. The workshop will use Click Communication’s proprietary training methodology developed based on best practices in training and instructional design.

The central principle of Presentation 2.0 is summarized in seven words: tell stories, use images, keep it simple. It includes best practices for each and every major step of making a great presentation, from idea generation to presentation delivery. You will learn to use these best practices by analyzing classic cases of both good and bad presentations, practiced worldwide and in Vietnam, and then apply them in the presentations you create and deliver in the workshop. Besides the concrete skills you learn during training, you will have the framework and awareness necessary to continue sharpening your presentation and communication skills in the future.

The Facilitator

Dr. Thuy Nguyen is a Founding Partner of Click Communication (formerly part of LEAD Consulting) and ClickSpace, Hanoi, Vietnam. She has a diverse experience in business, education, and consulting industries across the US, Australia, and Vietnam. As an experienced consultant and trainer in the areas of business communication and project management, she has a strong track record in teaching, training design and delivery, consulting, and public speaking. She is passionate about learning innovation and developing people.Dr. Nguyen has been the drive behind Click Communication/LEAD Consulting’s training innovation that has delighted clients across sectors, among whom are the US Embassy and Consulate, The American Chamber of Commerce Ho Chi Minh Chapter, the Australian Awards Vietnam Office (AAV, a program under AusAID), and many other companies in IT, infrastructure, and banking. Her audiences ranges from tens to hundreds in size, including Vietnamese and international professionals with various backgrounds and career aspirations.

Prior to Click Communication, Dr. Thuy Nguyen used to teach for three years (2001-2003) at the university level when she was still a student in Australia. She also spent four years (2006-2010) working closely on various projects with senior industry leaders and academics from top educational institutions across the United States as a member and the coordinator of the Breakthrough Strategy Committee at the Construction Industry Institute. As part of her doctoral research at the University of Texas at Austin, she designed a virtual learning module that won the Gold Award of the University of Texas’ Innovative Instructional Technology Awards Program in 2008. During her time in the US, Dr. Nguyen also worked with the National Academies on organizing conferences and other networking activities to facilitate the scientific and business collaborations between Vietnam and the United States.

Dr. Nguyen received her Bachelor’s degree with First Class Honors from The University of Adelaide, Australia, and her Ph.D. from The University of Texas at Austin, USA.