Quang Trung Software City pilots smart traffic management

HCMC – Quang Trung Software City (QTSC) on Tuesday introduced their smart traffic management system (Smart Traffic) applicable to some internal roads to pioneer a smart city model in Vietnam.

The pilot system, launched in coordination with Global Cybersoft Vietnam, effectively made use of artificial intelligence and image analysis by connection with available cameras in the area. Smart Traffic helps detect and warn internal traffic violations such as speeding, running the light, parking in the wrong place, or identifying blacklisted vehicles.

Prior to the launch, the area had internally applied a smart public lighting system ensuring the remote supervision, control and operation of the entire lighting system via software. Particularly, the system can automatically adjust the brightness intensity depending on weather conditions, which saves 32% of monthly energy and extends the bulb’s life, a significant figure for QTSC in the mission of creating the first smart, green and clean city model in the country.

The software park’s ceaseless effort for the big objective was also seen as QTSC has digitized the entire infrastructure facilities of the area via the geographic information system, and installed car detector and facial identification systems at the entrance.

Last June, QTSC joined hands with Global CyberSoft (Vietnam), 5D Agri Solutions Company and SaigonTech University to implement Agriculture Center of Excellence at Quang Trung Software City. This is an area dedicated to researching and applying new technologies in agriculture such as Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, and Big Data among others, offering various opportunities for Vietnam IT companies to develop new agricultural applications.


Quang Trung Software City pilots smart traffic management