Request for Comments: Draft Decree on Enterprise Law


After a couple of broad discussions this April, a newer draft of the Decree was just completed with much improvement. As there appear some gaps in current regulations, the Decree is intended to further implement the Enterprise Law and address a number of issues over the past year after the law came into life. It is intended to take effect in this last quarter of 2007. Please click the link below to download the draft in Vietnamese. Regret we can’t have copy in English yet.

As it is a very important Decree for businesses and it will be very soon submitted to the Gov’t Office, we strongly encourage businesses to take this FINAL chance to review and comment.

Please click this link to download the latest draft NGHỊ ĐỊNH h˝ớng dẫn chi tiết thi hành một số điều của Luật Doanh nghiệp

Please click these links for additional background on the earlier discussions held in April and May 2007

VBF/MPI Meeting on Investment and Enterprise Law, 18 Apr 07

Comments on Draft Decree on Implementation of Some of Vietnam’s WTO Commitment, 26 Apr 07

Discussion with MPI on Combined Investment Law, 07 May 2007

H3. Action Requested

Please submit your comments as soon as possible and no later than COB Monday, July 16 to the Chairman of AmCham’s Legal and VF Liaison Committee, Fred Burke, by email so that he can summarize them and submit to the Drafting Team to review in a timely manner.

Kinh thua Quy vi,

Sau mot vai Hoi thao to chuc thang 4/2007, Du thao ND ban moi nhat da duoc chinh sua kha nhieu. Khi cac quy dinh hien hanh to ra chua hoan chinh, Nghi dinh duoc soan thao voi muc dich huong dan bo sung cho Luat DN va giai quyet cac van de phat sinh trong vong 1 nam qua sau khi Luat DN thuc thi. ND du kien se ban hanh quy 4/2007. Moi Quy vi xem Du thao ND gui kem bang tieng Viet.

Vi Nghi Dinh nay quan trong voi hau het cac DN va sap duoc trinh Chinh phu phe duyet, chung toi tran trong de nghi cong dong DN ra soat va gop y cho Du thao ND.

Ban Thu ky Dien dan DN mong nhan duoc gop y cua Quy vi truoc ngay 18/7/2007 (thu Tu) de kip trinh Ban Soan thao kip thoi xem xet.