Saigon Hi-Tech Park and Vietnam’s Infrastructure

In this exclusive and in-depth interview, speaks with Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP) president Nguyen Dinh Mai about the Park and Vietnam’s infrastructure and developing electronics industry.

Mr. Mai Nguyen talks about some of the challenges facing Vietnam and SHTP and shares thoughtful insight into what’s being done to further develop Vietnam’s infrastructure, increase foreign direct investment (FDI), encourage multinational corporations (MNC) to set up business operations with SHTP, electronics industry trends, and more.

VentureOutsource: Vietnam continues to attract technology company business and investment. Meanwhile, the country predominately relies on hydroelectric power for electricity which can be vulnerable to weather conditions. The electronics industry has a high electricity consumption rate and some shortages in electricity have occurred in Vietnam in recent years. What can you share with executives interested in setting up businesses in Vietnam but may feel reluctant to do so because their companies may not have the resources required to invest in and create their own uninterrupted supply of energy or power, on-site?

Mr. Mai Nguyen: I can address this question from two different levels of perspective: the national level and the Saigon Hi-Tech Park (SHTP) level.

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