Sasha Stinchfield, Candidate for Board of Governors 2021

Alexandra Sasha Stinchfield

Associate Managing Director and Chief of Staff, Arizona State University

Sasha is the Associate Managing Director and Chief of Staff of Arizona State University Vietnam Representative Office.

Ranked the past four years by US News and World Report as the #1 most innovative university in America, ASU is the largest comprehensive public university in America with 120,000 students and over $500M in annual research expenditures. Since 2009, ASU has been a force in Vietnam leading public-private partnerships to improve the quality of higher engineering education. These capacity projects leverage deep and diverse government-industry-academic partners that share a goal of tightly linking science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) instruction in Vietnamese higher education institutions to produce work-ready engineers and scientists. By strategically working with industry and government partners, we extend ASU research, faculty and programs to support the development of a world class and competitive workforce and technology innovation ecosystem for Vietnam. To date, over 10,000 Vietnamese faculty have been trained at ASU in Arizona and in Vietnam with many programs achieving peer-evaluated regional and international level accreditation creating sustainable quality and assessment systems to validate student learning outcomes are achieved.

Since 2016, Sasha directs the ASU Vietnam project operations and leads a portfolio of education innovation and workforce development projects working closely with the public and private sectors. Before joining the ASU Vietnam team, Sasha was the global portfolio manager in the ASU International Development Office where she led the strategic development of new grants, project management, processes innovation and relationship management. In this role, she led technical project activities in Brazil, El Salvador and Kenya.

Sasha graduated from Arizona State University with BA in Global Studies and Master’s in Sustainability Leadership with research focused on strategies for corporate social responsibility programs. As a former collegiate track and field athlete, Sasha enjoys kickboxing, Muay Thai, running and traveling.

Vision for AmCham

My vision is to collaborate with AMCHAM members to develop a results-oriented education and workforce development solution to support member companies to recruit, attain, and continuously develop an effective and agile workforce in Vietnam. With Industrial Revolution 4.0, organizations are going to have to develop a culture of lifelong learning to develop and attain human capital to contribute to the innovation of projects, processes, and people systems. Already, many sectors are reimagining how they design and manufacture products in Vietnam moving from high-tough labor to advanced automation and additive manufacturing processes.  To remain competitive, it will be imperative for industry-government-education institutions to reconsider how we approach education and training and a mindset of lifelong learning.  AMCHAM members can convene and lead this discussion and develop national scale projects to innovate and create more access to scalable education and training programs leveraging technology platforms.