Still Standing – the Real Story of the NC Textile Industry

1400 textile companies still operating in NCA new, more diverse, globally competitive industry. 6 years in the making, “Still Standing” is a fascinating look at a few hearty, NC souls who decided not to buy into the stories that their businesses had no future. From Weaverville to Lumberton, a handful of NC’s finest entrepreneurs kept their companies going through the worst industry downturn the state had ever seen. Key role of the NC State University College of Textiles, the world’s leading textile college, providing global education, training, and research, all about textiles, from molecule to market. Mar 29, 2013

N.C. State University College of Textiles The NC State University College of Textiles has the oldest distance education program on campus. Textile Online Programs (TOP) offers over fifty courses taught online.

Online Courses at the NC State University College of Textiles

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A. Blanton Godfrey, Dean of the College of Textiles, NC State University

Welcome to the College of Textiles and the New World of Textiles. Whether it is creating new photovoltaic fibers or the next generation of lithium ion batteries, or super light, super strong fiber-based composites for the aircraft and automobiles of the future, or filters for providing clean water and air for the world; the College of Textiles is the leader in this new world. It is easy to understand our record undergraduate and graduate enrollment when you visit the college and tour its 61 leading-edge laboratories in polymer and fiber science, color science, composites, nonwovens, filtration, energy, forensic science, digital design, management sciences, atmospheric plasma technologies, electro-spinning, and microscopy. Our world leading thermal protection and comfort labs have been expanded to include chemical and biological protection. Our state-of-the-art labs in textile technologies support both student learning and industry partners in basic and advanced areas such as weaving, spinning, knitting and braiding through electro-spinning, bi-component and tri-component extrusion, to staple, melt blown and spun bond nonwovens. Our breakthrough research and close industry partnerships provide new products meeting specific customer needs as well as form the basis for dynamic and exciting curricula. It is no wonder that the College of Textiles and NC State have been called the “Land Grant University of the 21st Century.”

NC State University College of Textiles • The world’s leading textile college, covers textiles from molecule to market 

The College of Textiles has 114 years of teaching, research, and extension. Undergraduate degrees can be obtained in textile engineering, polymer and color chemistry, fashion and textile management, fashion and textile design and textile technology. Graduate degrees such as master of science and master of textiles and two doctorate degrees in fiber and polymer science and textile technology management are available as well as a graduate certificate in nonwovens. The new world of textiles at the College includes research and education in nonwovens, medical textiles, protective clothing, nanotextiles, smart textiles, transportation textiles, fashion, marketing, merchandising, and traditional textiles. We are home to the Nonwovens Institute and the Textile Protection and Comfort Center who also offer research and testing capabilities to the industry. The College of Textiles has proven to be the leading textile college in the world covering all aspects of textiles from molecule to market.

NC State University College of Textiles has two academic departments named Textile Apparel Technology and Management(TATM ) and Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science (TECS). These two departments offer four bachelor degrees in Fashion and Textile Management, Textile Technology, Polymer and Color Chemistry, and Textile Engineering, along with four masters degrees and two doctoral degrees. In addition, we offer a dual degree with the College of Design (BA and BS) in Art and Design and Textile Technology, administered through the Anni Albers Program. A concentration in medical textiles is also offered in our Textile Technology degree and it is the only known program of its type in the world. A concentration in medical sciences is offered through our Polymer and Color Chemistry degree.

The textile engineering program is the only ABET accredited TE program in the country.

Furthermore, the College of Textiles has the oldest distance education program on campus. Textile Online Programs (TOP) offers over fifty courses taught online.

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Online Courses at the NC State University College of Textiles