Storage technology key for Vietnam

Vietnam will benefit from 10 top trends of storage in 2011 due to the cutting-edge technology applications now available.

According to Hu Yoshida, chief technology officer, Hitachi Data Systems, Vietnam is ideally positioned for introducing these new technologies.

“We are very interested in Vietnam and the market here especially when launching new technologies,” said Yoshida.

“There are two things in Vietnam that makes this a good place for new technology. First, it is a green field, you do not have a legacy of old technologies that you have to carry forward, so you can implement new technology very quickly, and second, is the intellectual capability here.”

Yoshida also recently announced his top 10 storage trends for 2011. The predictions come in wake of a recovering economy, where technology will be closely tied to business goals.

Virtualisation, dynamic provisioning and cloud computing, all featured prominently in Yoshida’s predictions, reaffirming that such technologies will pave the way for an agile data centre that enables companies to quickly and efficiently adapt to changes and take advantage of emerging business opportunities.

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