AmCham Women in Engineering Scholarship 2013 – Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:Why do AmCham, Intel and Coca-Cola establish the AmCham’s Women in Engineering scholarship, which dedicates for female students?
A1:The scholarship aims to increase the quantity and quality of human resources in high-technology sector, which has strong developing potential in Vietnam. This is the first scholarship for women in engineering jointly collaborated by AmCham and Intel. The scholarship’s purposes are to support female students financially; and also, encourage and motivate them to study and pursue careers in engineering area that female student ratio is still limited. Intel, Coca-Cola and AmCham hope in the upcoming years, there will be many more companies joining this scholarship.

Q2:Why does the scholarship merely focus on specific universities and faculties/departments?
A2:In the first year, the scholarship focuses on Intel’s partner universities that have technical departments/faculties. Besides Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology, Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education and Can Tho University, the program will also grant scholarships to students of Da Nang University of Technology this year. We hope in the next few years, the scholarship program will be able to extend to more universities and technical departments when we receive more support from other companies.

Q3:Is this an annual scholarship?
A3: Intel, Coca-Cola and AmCham hope the AmCham’s Women in Engineering Scholarship will be a long-term program. Simultaneously, we are calling for companies and entrepreneurs to join this program in order to reduce the gender inequality, which is a common issue at Vietnam’s technical universities.

Q4: What are the benefits of the scholarship?
A4:Awarded female students will be provided with financial support (VND 8.000.000/scholarship). At the same time, female students will have internships and careers opportunities at Intel, Coca-Cola, if applicable. In 2013, AmCham, Intel and Coca-Cola will grant 50 scholarships.

Q5:Who is eligible to apply?
A5:• The first criteria is full time FEMALE bachelor degree students from second to last year at one of the three following universities and faculties/departments:
1.Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology: Faculty of Electrical & Electronic Engineering and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Chemical Engineering: Deparment of Bio-Technology and Department of Food Technology.
2.Ho Chi Minh City University of Technical Education: Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
3.Can Tho University- College of Technology: Department of Electricity and Automation Control, Department of Electronics and Telecommunication and Department of Mechanical Engineering.
• Having cumulative GPA of all previous years 6.5 or above:
• Active in community services and extra-curricula activities;
• Priority will be given to students with financial difficulties.

Q6:How to apply for the scholarship?
A6:The scholarship’s information and application form are now available on AmCham’s website

and participating universities’ websites. Students will submit their application via email at the first round. Application documents include:
(1)Completed application form.
(2)A scanned copy of your official cumulative GPA Certificate and a scanned copy of a certificate demonstrating your financial need (if applicable)

We will need you to complete the application form electronically. Please keep the application form in its original Excel format. All attached files should be in PDF format. When ready, kindly send the documents to [email protected]

At the screening round, students do not need to submit any other documents than those listed above at (1) and (2). Students who pass the screening will be notified individually for the interview round and reminded for bringing necessary documents.

Q7:What are the selection steps and important dates?
A7:The scholarship process is divided into 02 rounds: Screening round and Interview round.

Q8:Will awarded students be entitled to work at Intel Vietnam or Coca-Cola Vietnam?
A8:This is not true. Awarded students will have more opportunities to access internships and employments provided by Intel Vietnam or Coca-Cola Vietnam. If considered, these students will go through interviews as any other applicants. Nevertheless, employment priorities are given to female engineers to work at Intel Vietnam’s plant and Coca-Cola Vietnam’s Plant; thus, this is a great chance for female students.

Q9: Are there any mandatory requirements for students receiving the scholarship? Can scholarship recipients in 2012 apply for the scholarship in upcoming years?
A9:There are no mandatory requirements for the scholarship holders. The scholarship recipients can use the financial support at their discretion. Students who are awarded the scholarship this year can apply for the scholarship in the following years.

Q10: Can students who already applied for the AmCham Scholarship apply for the “AmCham Women in Engineering Scholarship 2013”?
A10:Students are welcome to apply for the two scholarships at the same time. However, we recommend students to consider carefully the schedules of two scholarships, so that they can have good preparation for testing rounds and interview days.

Q11:After reading all the scholarship requirements, I really want to apply for this scholarship. But there is a problem in that my academic performance (GPA) in the second year is less than 6.5. However, my cumulative GPA for all previous years is more than 6.5. So, today I send you a message to ask about my problem that if I can apply this scholarship or not? Also, do you have any exception for this case?

A11:This is a question of English comprehension, about the meaning of “cumulative GPA of ALL previous years” and “cumulative GPA of EACH previous year.”
The guideline states: “Having cumulative GPA of ALL previous years 6.5 or above.”
Now, we calculate the “cumulative GPA of ALL previous years” as follows (example):

Year #1: GPA = 7.5 with 40 credits
Year #2: GPA = 6.0 with 50 credits
Year #3: GPA = 8.1 with 60 credits
Total ALL Previous Years (Yrs 1, 2, 3): (7.5*40)+(6.0*50)+(8.1*60) = 1086
Avg ALL Previous Years (Yrs 1, 2, 3): 1086 / (40+50+60) = 7.24 > 6.5

Now, this calculation shows that the student’s cumulative GPA of ALL previous years is greater than 6.5, even though one year’s GPA was less than 6.5, so the student is eligible to apply for the AmCham’s Women in Engineering Scholarship.

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