President Truong Tan Sang addresses the nation on Vietnam’s National Day

Vietnam President Truong Tan SangNational Day always brings about a special feeling in each and every Vietnamese person.

Each year, I’m able to remember my feelings on this special day, regardless of the time and the place, be it in the city or the countryside, at noon or at midnight when everything lies in deep slumber. Though the one feeling that has always overwhelmed me is the sacred and great significance of this Independence Day for the Vietnamese nation. I have always wondered what would have happened to all the people, houses, street corners, trees, villages and even the sound of a pagoda’s bell ringing in the night, had there been no Independence Day on September 2, 1945.

For the very first time in Viet Nam’s history, a new State, of the people, by the people and for the people, was established. From a slave nation living under the harsh domination of colonialists and feudalists, Viet Nam appeared on the world map as a free and independent nation. Our people rose up from slavery to become the masters of their own fates and their homeland. Each was now a true Vietnamese citizen – the offsprings of generations of ancestors who had stood up and fought against natural disasters and enemies and gone through many ups and downs throughout history. Many laid down their lives and shed their blood for the freedom of the nation and its people. We are well aware of the sacred value and the great historical significance of the National Independence Day. No one can negate this truth.

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