Troubled waters: Illegal Chinese fish farming in Cam Ranh Bay

Jun 10, 2012. Vast areas of water surface in a bay in close proximity to Cam Ranh Military Base in Khanh Hoa Province become the hot topic in local media these days when it is unveiled that many Chinese have illegally farmed fish there for years without any intervention from State agencies. It is termed illegal because Chinese people with vast rafts for fish and lobster farming there do not have work permits, do not own business certificates, do not pay taxes, and do not even have residence approval in the locality. Even worse, the illegal presence of foreigners in the locality puts national defense and security at stake given the importance of the military facilities in the region. What makes it a grave concern is the loose management on the part of local State agencies that amounts to negligence.

The issue of illegal seafood farming, processing and trading by Chinese people stole the public limelight in late May when several newspapers rang the bell of alarm, which immediately captured attention from all walks of life.

As reported in Tuoi Tre, fish rafts are seen occupying a large swathe of the sea surface in Cam Ranh Bay. Big houses are erected on the fish rafts only some 200-250 meters east of Cam Ranh Port, from where people can see clearly Cam Ranh Military Base on the opposite side.

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Illegal foreigners in Vietnam labor market

Jan 13, 2012. Lax regulations are allowing more than 31,330 foreigners to work illegally in Vietnam, labor officials said at a conference this week.

The illegal number of workers accounted for 40 percent of the 78,440 foreign workers in Vietnam as of September 2011, the labor ministry said.

Most are manual laborers performing simple tasks, and are from South Korea, China, and Japan.

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