AmCham Scholarship 2011 – Seeking volunteer interviewers for AmCham Scholarship candidates

Seeking volunteer interviewers for AmCham Scholarship 2011 Candidates, Nov 26, 2011

When: Sat, Nov 26, 08:00am – 12:00pm
Where: Hotel Equatorial

We are seeking volunteers from AmCham Companies to interview candidates for the AmCham Scholarship 2011 in the morning of Saturday, November 26, 2011.

Please send an email today to [email protected], to confirm your participation as an interviewer for the period 8:00 am – 12:00noon, and provide the following information:

Interview Experiences __(years)
Staff Management Experiences _(years)
Contact Number

Background about AmCham Scholarship 2011

Since 2001, AmCham has cooperated with Vietnam National University – Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM) and more recently Banking University, Foreign Trade University in Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh City University of Law and Hoa Sen University, to grant scholarships to 40 top students including: University of Technology, University of Natural Sciences, University of Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Economics and Law, University of Information Technology, International University, Banking University, Foreign Trade University, Law University, and Hoa Sen University.

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Dow Jones Risk & Compliance launches anti-corruption portal

Oct 5, 2011. Dow Jones Risk & Compliance today launched its Anti-Corruption Portal, a Web-based dashboard providing companies with advanced risk identification and monitoring capabilities for anti-corruption compliance with regulations including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) and the U.K. Bribery Act.

The new tool allows compliance professionals to automate screening of all business partners against Dow Jones Risk & Compliance’s database and the Factiva archive of global business news and information.

“International companies often have relationships with thousands of partners over the world that can potentially expose them to risk. However, only 30% of companies currently monitor partner business integrity, according to our recent Dow Jones State of Anti-Corruption Survey,” said Rupert de Ruig, managing director of Risk & Compliance, Dow Jones & Company. “Our Anti-Corruption Portal enables compliance departments to target resources at the areas of greatest risk and at the same time, monitor all their third party relationships including sales agents, distributors, suppliers and customers.”

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United States Details China and India Subsidy Programs in Submission to WTO

Washington, D.C. Oct 6, 2011. U.S. Trade Representative Ron Kirk announced today that the United States has submitted information to the World Trade Organization (WTO) identifying nearly 200 subsidy programs that China has failed to notify as required under WTO rules. Information was also submitted on 50 subsidy programs in India not previously notified. Through these actions at the WTO, the United States is seeking the prompt provision of detailed information and data from China and India regarding the operation of these subsidy programs.

“The situation was simply intolerable,” said Ambassador Kirk. “Every member of the WTO is required to come clean on its subsidy programs on a regular basis. China has not notified its subsidy programs in over five years. India only recently filed its first notification in almost ten years, and even then notified only three of the many subsidy programs we know to exist. Because China and India have failed to meet their respective obligations, we had to act, as we are entitled to under the WTO rules, and provide the voluminous information we have developed regarding subsidy programs in these two countries.”

Under WTO rules, every Member is obligated to submit information about all of its subsidy programs on a regular basis. This information is required so that Members may assess the nature and extent of the subsidy programs of others. The notification obligation is particularly significant for Members like China, where inadequate transparency in so many areas places a tremendous burden on other WTO Members seeking to better understand China’s trade policy measures. China has submitted only one subsidies notification since becoming a WTO Member in December 2001. That notification took place more than five years ago and was noticeably incomplete. In the last ten years, India has submitted only one notification, which was also noticeably incomplete. Previously, over the course of numerous meetings of the WTO Subsidies Committee, the United States has requested that China and India make full notifications of all of their subsidy programs.

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What The Siemens Bribery Case Says About The Future Of Corruption In China

The participation of the U.S. government, and the information it shared with Chinese enforcement officials, shows that the global fight against corruption has entered a new phase.

The China-end of the Siemens bribery scandal came to a conclusion in an Intermediate Court in Henan last month when a China Mobile executive received a death sentence. For the most part, this was just another anti-corruption case, one of a multitude flooding China’s courts these days. However, the participation of the U.S. government, and the information it shared with Chinese enforcement officials, serves as an important reminder that the global fight against corruption has entered a new phase.

Since the case involved state secrets and was therefore not opened to the public, there hasn’t been a lot of reporting on the verdict. Caixin, however, published a breakdown of the case today:

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Vietnam News celebrates 20 year anniversary

For the past 20 years, the Viet Nam News, the nation’s first English language daily, published by Vietnam News Agency has performed well in disseminating policies from the Party and the State. This has led to regular and comprehensive information on the political, economic and social situation in Viet Nam.

The newspaper has also reported on key developments in the region and the world, making it one of the nation’s effective channel of information for foreign readers.

In recent years, the newspaper has moved away from Government subsidies. Its small staff have lifted their efficiency and now raised the publication’s own revenue, making it self supporting. In doing so, they have improved their expertise and armed themselves with modern techniques. This has also provided readers with more diverse and interesting information.

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NTT Com, VNNIC to Offer Tier-1 Global IPv6/IPv4 Transit Service in Vietnam

TOKYO and HANOI, Vietnam, April 26, 2011 /PRNewswire. NTT Communications (NTT Com) and the Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) jointly announced on April 26 an agreement to cooperate in providing Internet service providers (ISPs) and Internet content providers (ICPs) in Vietnam with global access via NTT Com’s Tier-1 network, beginning no later than the end of June.
VNNIC, a Ministry of Information and Communication affiliate that manages domain names and Internet exchange points, approached NTT Com to collaborate in meeting the growing demand for access in Vietnam, where Internet traffic has increased more than four times in the past three years.

NTT Com will work with local partners to provide direct connection to NTT Com’s Tier-1 network via VNNIC-prepared infrastructure. The result will give ISPs and ICPs a new option for providing customers with enhanced, low-latency Internet environments and robust connection to content and services worldwide. NTT Com’s Tier-1 IP backbone network offers direct connections to ISPs in more than 150 countries.

The collaboration also will enable VNNIC, an IPv6 facilitator, to provide companies in Vietnam with IPv6/IPv4 dual-stack connectivity to the world-class Tier-1 IPv6 network powered by NTT Com. Strengthened development of IPv6 in Vietnam will represent an important milestone in the ongoing global effort to move beyond the limitations of IPv4 technologies.

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Managed Resiliency: How prepared is your organization?

IBM Business Resiliency

Disasters and disruptions happen as a question of WHEN not IF. Faced with changing business requirements, regulations and technology alternatives, business executives need to make sure that their organizations are resilient and adaptive to new threats as the pace of change keeps accelerating in an 24/7 “always on” world. Addressing these challenges, IBM Business Continuity and Resiliency Services (BCRS) has developed the most comprehensive risk mitigation solutions that maintain business operation under virtually any condition.

• IBM Resiliency Consulting Services that assess, design, plan, implement and test your business resilience program and supporting infrastructure

• IBM Managed Resiliency Services that provide high availability recovery solutions for mission critical business processes

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Mercer Vietnam 2011 Total Remuneration Survey: Key to designing comprehensive pay package

Deliver holistic compensation packages to support recruitment and talent retention Partnering for Success

The global recession is morphing into a global recovery – some countries are already there, while others are cautiously optimistic. When it comes to setting compensation strategy for the year 2011, one compelling message throughout all regions shines through: Talent reigns supreme.

Around the world, organizations are focused on engaging key talent through judicious spending – a back-to-basics approach, if you will – to quickly spur growth and gain a competitive advantage. Many, however, are struggling with decisions about where to invest – whether to focus more on base pay, funding the incentive pool, or training and career planning programs.

Participate in Mercer TRS today with TalentNet, a representative of Mercer in Vietnam

Mercer’s Total Remuneration Surveys (TRS) conducted by Talentnet Corporation, Mercer’s partner in Vietnam, enables you effectively to design and implement a complete compensation program that aligns with business strategy, is affordable and sustainable, drives productivity, engages key talent and minimizes the chance for pay inequity.

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The unseen hand – Mekong River upstream dams

Mar 24, 2011. One year after one of the driest years in half a century, tens of millions of residents along the Mekong River are still trying to determine the cause of poor fish yields and an unprecedented scarcity of the water they use in agriculture and irrigation.
They should have had an answer, months ago.

Last June, a public interest group called Save The Mekong Coalition asked the Mekong River Commission (MRC), which serves as an international advisory body set up in 1995 by the governments of Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, to release complete data on the poor river conditions.

In March 2010, the MRC released a report attributing low flow on the river to poor rainfall, alone.

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