Weekly Update Dec 03: Members Night and Meet the Candidates, Lunch: Why EHS* is Essential

Keep up-to-date about U.S.-Vietnam trade and investment with Weekly Updates.

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Membership Directory 2008 If you have new or changed contact information, please contact Ms. Huong at the AmCham office (824 3562). And, as you plan your advertising, be sure to include the AmCham Membership Directory.

Wed, Dec 5 Lunch: Why EHS* is Essential for Vietnam’s Success in International Markets Learn from ConocoPhillips and Intel how they implement Environment-Health-Safety policies on a daily basis. And how that benefits employees and companies?

Wed, Dec 5: Members Night and Meet the Candidates AmCham invites members, associates and guests to attend a Members Night and “Meet the Candidates” for the 2008-2009 Board of Governors at a networking cocktail reception. Spouses and partners are not only invited but encouraged to attend with you.

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Weekly Update 2006-10-16 Vietnam a WTO Member in December

Keep up-to-date about U.S.-Vietnam trade and investment relations with Weekly Updates.

WTO agreement Oct 13; Working Party Approval Oct 26; General Council, Nov 7; accession in Dec.
On Oct 13, negotiations concluded successfully on Vietnam’s WTO accession. The WTO Working Group on Vietnam’s accession will circulate a draft Report for formal approval at its Oct 26 meeting. Next, the WTO General Council will meet on Nov 7 to approve. Then, Vietnam will become a member 30 days after it has ratified the package and informed the WTO that it has done so.

According to a USTR Fact Sheet, “the U.S.-Vietnam Textile Agreement will expire on the date of Vietnam’s accession to the WTO and quotas under the Agreement will be removed as of that date.”

U.S. apparel importers, retailers oppose Sep 28 USTR/Commerce letter, and may oppose PNTR
U.S. apparel imports from Vietnam account for about one-half of U.S. total imports from Vietnam ($2.9 billion of $6.6 billion in 2005). On Oct 11, a group of U.S. trade associations, apparel importers, and retailers asked that the Bush Administration rescind the commitment in a Sep 28 letter from USTR Schwab and Commerce Secretary Gutierrez to Senators Dole and Graham. They are considering asking a senator to place a hold on the PNTR legislation to prevent approval, if they do not receive written clarification from the administration.

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