Weekly Update Oct 15: Managing Upstream Risks, Palooza Party, ASEAN Food Security and Trade


Tu, Oct 16 Lunch: Managing Upstream Risks: Vietnamese Legal Perspective
We, Oct 24 ASEAN Food Security & Agriculture Trade Environment
We, Oct 24 AmCham Palooza Party
Th-Su, Oct 24-28 Hi-Tech Agro and Food Industry Fair HCM City
Mo or Tu, Oct 29-30 VBF Dialogue with MOLISA on Labour-related Issues
AmCham’s International Coastal Cleanup in the News
Vietnam’s Economic Development Outlook Update, Oct 3, 2012 (ADB)
Vietnam’s Consumer Trends 2012: “We have yet to hit the bottom.”
U.S. Textile Manufacturing, Vietnam, and the TPP Negotiations
Tu, Nov 6, U.S. General Elections Day • U.S. Voter Registration Web Sites
Nov 11-17 Infrastructure Trade Mission: HCM City, Hanoi, Jakarta
Mon, Nov 12 Members Lunch: Global Antitrust Cartel Enforcement – More Authorities, Increased Coordination, Higher Stakes
Thu, Nov 22 AmCham’s Thanksgiving Golf Tournament and Dinner
Sa, Dec 8 AmCham’s Governors’ Ball • Christmas in San Francisco
Tu Dec 11 Annual General Meeting and Members’ Night

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Vietnam’s vocation training quality lowest in region

HANOI, Oct 11, 2012. The quality of vocational training in Vietnam is the lowest among regional countries and has yet to meet the market’s demand, an official said at a seminar on Wednesday.

Besides, the working skill gap between Vietnamese laborers and foreign ones is still big, said Nguyen Tien Dung, director of the General Department of Vocational Training at a regional meeting held on Wednesday in Hanoi City.

Vietnam’s vocational training network has been expanded much over the past time, raising the rate of laborers receiving training courses to 32%. There is around one million laborers in rural areas having taken training to work for industries, services or modern agriculture.

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“Employent Bill” will require employers to introduce training schemes

HCM CITY, Aug 4, 2012. The Employment Bill will usher in several changes to working regulations, a conference held to gather opinions about the proposed law heard in HCM City yesterday.

The law, expected to be passed by the National Assembly at the end of this year, will require employers to have training programmes to develop their employees’ skills, a provision the 2012 Labour Law does not have.

It would address emerging issues in employment services, according to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.
It will also regulate furnishing of information about the labour market and simplify recruitment and issue of work permits to foreign workers.

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Vietnam looks to escape labour trap by offering incentives

Vietnam plans to upskill its workforce by offering incentives to foreign vocational training providers.

The Minister of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (MoLISA) planned to draw up a training development strategy which give top priority to foreign investors developing high-quality vocational training schools, MoLISA deputy minister Nguyen Ngoc Phi told the VIR-led workshop on boosting foreign direct investment (FDI) in Hanoi.

The schools would be developed using investment forms including wholly foreign-owned investment, joint ventures and public-private partnerships, said Phi.

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Strategic Planning & Innovation to Overcome Crisis, Mar 22

Strategic planning to lead your teams and your organizations overcome crisis is very crucial in our current situation. Attend seminar Strategic Planning & Innovation to Overcome Crisis listen to the best practices on how to be always ready to face, take advantage of difficult time to create breakthrough success and lead the market, from Vice President of one of the best Leadership Training Companies in the world (awarded by Training Industry Magazine).

  • Time: March 22/2012
  • Venue: Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers
  • Speaker: Ms. Triana Newton, Regional Vice President APAC, Dale Carnegie & Associate Inc, New York

Seminar on Strategic Planning & Innovation to Overcome Crises, Mar 22

Strategic planning to lead your teams/organizations to overcome crises is very crucial in our current situation. Attend this seminar on Strategic Planning & Innovation to Overcome Crisis, and learn from best practices about how to be always ready to face, take advantage of difficult times to create breakthrough success and lead the market. Presented by the Vice President of one of the best Leadership Training Companies in the world (awarded by Training Industry Magazine).

Date: Thursday, March 22, 2012
Time: 8:30am to 5:00pm
Venue: Sheraton Saigon Hotel & Towers
Speaker: Ms. Triana Newton, Regional Vice President APAC, Dale Carnegie & Associates Inc, New York

Click this link to register online.

This seminar is a part of a series of seminars celebrating Dale Carnegie’s 100-year history globally.

Th, April 12 Vietnam Capital & Finance 2012 – Irving Seminar & Training

Vietnam Capital & Finance 2012 is held on 12 April, 2012 at Legend Hotel Saigon – 2A – 4A Ton Duc Thang, District 1, HCMC by Irving Seminar & Training. The major seminar for senior executives focuses on big picture issues that impact strategic business decision including investment, financial management, legal & tax practices.

Vietnam’s economy since the WTO accession is remarkably open for business and, although many problems remain, large investors have been moving in at a steady pace. Real estate, hospitality, infrastructure, energy and telecommunication are clearly at the front of this evolution.

In the course of its implementing its accession to WTO Vietnam has implemented many modern trade laws to ensure a more transparent legal environment for international business. Interesting tax incentives, a large local labor force and important infrastructure investments complete the picture to that of a dynamic country ready to move up and ahead.

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Th, Feb 23 Vietnam Customs Duty Conference 2012 at Legend Saigon

Irving Seminars Vietnam Customs Duty 2012VIETNAM CUSTOMS DUTY CONFERENCE 2012 – “Planning & Problem Solving”will be held on Feb 23, 2012 at the Legend Hotel Saigon, 2A-4A Ton Duc Thang, District 1, HCMC by Irving Seminar & Training. A full day, in-depth workshop with all the practical considerations that businesses need to know in navigating Vietnam’s customs procedures and laws, which have changed a lot since Vietnam became a WTO member in Jan 2007.

As the WTO’s 150th member, Vietnam has in recent years adopted the body of customs and tariff rules that are binding for all WTO members. This body of rules is extensive and complicated, even if we only regard those in relation to customs law. The valuation of imported goods for customs duty purposes, for example, is a matter regulated by the so-called GATT Customs Valuation Code. It is implemented in Vietnamese law by means of special regulations, as is the case with other WTO-related customs rules.

Another strong international influence on Vietnam’s international trade policy is obviously the growing number of trade agreements. The ASEAN Free Trade Agreement “AFTA” provides complete or almost complete exemptions from custom duty for a wide range of goods that originate from within the ASEAN countries. More and more goods can be made in ASEAN, even partially with raw materials from outside of ASEAN and then move throughout the ASEAN countries without tariff.

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BRIBELine and TRACE International

BRIBEline a secure and anonymous place to report a bribe. BRIBEline’s purpose is to collect information about the official or quasi-official entities – governments, international organizations, security forces, state-owned enterprises, etc. – around the world that solicit bribes. Aggregate information will be made public to shine a spotlight on trouble spots so that they might be improved, and to allow companies to better manage risk. Tiếng Việt – Vietnamese.

TRACE International, Inc. TRACE is a non-profit membership organization that provides several core services and products, including: due diligence reports on commercial intermediaries; model compliance policies; an online Resource Center with foreign local law summaries, including guidelines on gifts and hospitality; in-person and online anti-bribery training; and research on corporate best practices. TRACE was founded to achieve economies of scale and set a common standard for two shared elements of anti-bribery compliance: due diligence reviews and anti-bribery training for business intermediaries and company employees based around the world.

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Why Companies Aren’t Getting the Employees They Need

Everybody’s heard the complaints about recruiting lately.

Even with unemployment hovering around 9%, companies are grousing that they can’t find skilled workers, and filling a job can take months of hunting.

Employers are quick to lay blame. Schools aren’t giving kids the right kind of training. The government isn’t letting in enough high-skill immigrants. The list goes on and on.

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