SGS expands CPSC-certified crib testing to labs in U.S. and Vietnam

FAIRFIELD, N.J., Aug. 19, 2011. SGS North America Inc. today announced the expansion of its full-size and non-full-size crib safety testing services with U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) certification of company labs in Fairfield, N.J., and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, to test for compliance with new CPSC crib safety rules. Added to the earlier certification of the company’s Shanghai lab, SGS now has the ability to test cribs to be sold in the U.S. market at all major points of manufacture.

In the U.S., the SGS lab in New Jersey now serves the large domestic crib manufacturing base. It also provides testing services for existing crib inventory produced domestically or imported to the U.S. on or after June 28, 2011, the effective date of the new standard.

In Shanghai and Vietnam, the ability to source crib testing from local SGS labs eliminates the need for Asian manufacturers to ship products to the U.S. for testing and avoids resulting delays in getting new crib models to market.

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Weekly Update Aug 03: Monthly Lunch, Joint Chambers Networking Night

Latest updates on H1N1/A Flu from U.S. Center for Disease Control, U.S. Department of State (Travel), and World Health Organization (WHO)

Events, Meetings, and Activities

Click this link to see this week’s storm activity in the Eastern Sea.

Tu, Aug 4 Lunch: U.S. Consumer Product Safety Requirements (Apparel and Furniture) Learn how the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission is working with producers and exporters to reduce and eliminate unsafe goods. The focus of this talk is on apparel and furniture consumer product safety requirements.

Th, Aug 6 Joint Chambers Networking Night Come and meet others in Ho Chi Minh City with complimentary canapes and “happy hour” drink prices. Co-hosted by AusCham, AmCham, BBGV, CanCham, EuroCham, HKBAV, InCham, Nordic Business Association, Malaysia Business Chamber, NZ Chamber.

Mo, Aug 3-13 Spare Ribs at the Caravelle Hotel Restaurant Nineteen Pprepared to optimum tenderness. Tastefully marinated and cooked to perfection, it is no wonder that this will be a hit.

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