AmCham Scholarship 2015 – About the English Test


The English Language Test will be held:

  • Time: Sunday, November 01, 2015
  • Venue: University of Technology, District 10

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Axcela Test – FAQs

Axcela Demo Test

Orienting Students to the English Language Test

Before giving the Placement Test, teachers should prepare students by providing basic instructions and examples of each type of question, in the students’ own language if possible. It is also important that the students be able to use the mouse. Otherwise, the test results will not be valid. In all cases, students must take the Practice Test before they begin the test. This ensures that the students know what to do and that the audio is working properly. Once the Test begins, students should not exit the test until it is completed and their score is recorded. If a student fails to answer a question, it is counted as an incorrect response.

Types of Test Questions

There are several types of questions in the Placement Test, including

  • multiple-choice items that test vocabulary and grammar,
  • listening comprehension,
  • sentence construction, and
  • sentence ordering.

Lexical/Grammatical Fill-In

This multiple-choice type of question generally focuses on vocabulary or grammar points, such as which form of a verb to use. Students read a sentence and then indicate which of four choices correctly completes the sentence. These questions are timed, and students have one chance to answer them.

English Test 1

Listening Comprehension

A second type of question focuses on listening comprehension. For example, the student may hear a question or statement and have to answer or complete it with the correct choice of a word, number, phrase or sentence.

English Test 2

In these types of questions, the student has only one chance to get the correct answer. If a question times out, the question will be repeated once. If the question times out a second time, the program will move on to the next question and students will not have another chance to come back to that question.

English Test 3

Sentence Construction

In the third type of test item, students are asked to move a set of words or phrases into the correct places within a sentence.

English Test 4

In this type of test item, students have one chance. Students are also allowed to time out once before the program moves on to the next item. Please note that each time a student moves a word, the timer begins again, providing the student with enough time to complete that test item, though if the student spends too much time on several such test items, the test itself will eventually reach its time limit and end.

Sentence Ordering

In the latter parts of Part 2 of the Placement Test there are several sentence-ordering items.

For these test items, students should read the sentences and then decide the order.

English Test 5

In this example, sentence B comes first, followed by C and then A. Students have one chance to get the answer.

These items test a student’s ability to see how items within one sentence refer to items in other sentences and help to express a sequence.

About Axcela Vietnam (

Axcela is a learning and people development company. We partner with some of the world leaders in assessments, education and training in bringing their expertise, tools and products to Vietnam. Our success is derived from our ability to apply creative solutions to the challenges faced by our customers. This is only made possible by the people of Axcela and their commitment to providing the highest level of service, value and excellence in all they do.

Large and small employers and forward thinking individuals turn to Axcela for their learning and people development needs.

  • Psytech and Hogan assessments.
  • English Language Mastery Programs utilizing DynEd software.
  • Business Development Skills

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AmCham Scholarship 2015 – Students Exempted from the English Test

Below is a list of students who turned in the OPTIONAL English Certificates (TOEFL iBT, TOEIC, or IELTS). These students are exempted from taking the English Test.

English Test Certificate issued after Oct 03, 2013, with a TOEFL iBT score of 90 or more, TOEIC score of 900 or more, or IELTS score of 7.0 or more (with all skills from 6.5)

All students exempted from taking the English Test are required to take the Abilities Test.

Exempted English Test


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AmCham Scholarship 2015 – Results of Screening – Schedule for English Test

Congratulations to all who completed the AmCham Scholarship Application form, and especially to those listed below that qualified for the next step, the English Test.

Ca 1.1Ca 1.2
Ca 2.1Ca 2.2Ca 3.1
Ca 3.2Ca 4.1Ca 4.2Ca 5.1Ca 5.2Ca 6.1Ca 6.2
Please click here for more information about the English Test of AmCham Scholarship 2015.

The English Language Test will be held:

  • Time: Sunday, November 01, 2015
  • Venue: University of Technology, District 10

For each batch, please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled test time in order to complete the registration process and be ready for your test. After registration is completed, the Test Orientation would be held. Please come to ROOM first for the Registration and Test Orientation

For those who turned in the OPTIONAL English Test Certificates (either TOEFL iBT, TOEIC or IELTS), please click this link to see a list of Students Exempted from the English Test.

Kindly note the following information and prepare in advance:

– Bring your Personal ID Card (CMND) with full date of birth details (date/month/year) for check-in + 01 photocopy of your Personal ID Card. You do not need to notarize the photocopy of your Personal ID Card.

– In case your Personal ID Card does not have the full date of birth details, or the details are not legible, please bring your Passport, Student ID. If you do not have any of the mentioned documents, you must contact [email protected] at least two days in advance.

– On the testing day, you are NOT ALLOWED to bring any personal items with you into the testing room, such as a purse, bag, watch, etc.

– ALL students are required to drop off their bags at the designated area. Please do not bring any valuable items, such as: laptop, camera, jewelries, watch, mobile phone, cash (credit card), etc. We are NOT responsible for lost or stolen valuables.

For our documentation purposes, some photos will be taken before the testing begins.


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AmCham’s World Blood Donor Days 2015 – In the News

More than 860 volunteers donated 1,103 units of blood as part of a drive by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) to celebrate World Blood Donor Day on June 14, the first day of a multi-day effort organised in cooperation by AmCham, the HCM City Humanitarian Blood Donation Centre, Red Cross HCM City, and the HCM City Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion. The drive will end on June 24. Read more

AmCham Women In Engineering Scholarship 2015 – In the News

feature image

ACWES 2015 Award Ceremony on HTV9

ACWES 2015 – Facts & Figures

ACWES 2015 Award Ceremony- Press Release (ENG)

ACWES 2015 Award Ceremony – Press Release (VIET)


The American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (AmCham Vietnam – HCM City Chapter) in cooperation with Intel Products Vietnam and Axcela Vietnam will award 30 merit-based scholarships (VND 6.5 million each) and 16 English courses at Axcela Vietnam (equivalent VND 8 million each) to female engineering students who achieved the highest results throughout ACWES 2015 assessment rounds.

The Program this year has achieved those note-worthy outcomes thanks to the significant support from 4 leading Universities in training high-tech human resources in the South, including:

  1. HCMC University of Technology (UT): Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.
  2. University of Technical Education HCMC (UTE): Faculty of Machinery Manufacturing Technology; Faculty of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.
  3. Can Tho University (CTU): College of Engineering Technology including Department of Electronics and Telecommunication; Department of Electrical Engineering and Automation; Department of Mechanical Engineering
  4. International University – Vietnam National University of HCMC (newly incorporated into the 2015 Program): School of Electrical Engineering, Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

ACWES was founded in 2011 under the name AmCham-Intel Female Engineering Scholarship, with the participation and sponsorship of Intel Products Vietnam; later Coca Cola Vietnam and Axcela Vietnam. The Program is a part of community activities from AmCham and AmCham’s members operating in production – engineering, training in order to support and develop female human resources in high-tech fields in Vietnam. The Assessment Process for ACWES 2015 includes 2 phases: Application Form Screening and Interview with HR Specialists from AmCham and partners. In addition, together with the interview, the female students also take the English test provided by Axcela company to evaluate English skills. Candidates’ performance on each round show their efforts to achieve the scholarship, their positive determination in English and soft skills improvement.

ACWES does not only provide students with financial aid, but also brings more chances for them to familiarize themselves with a variety of job opportunities and useful information from high-tech companies involved in the Program. Realizing these valuable benefits, female engineering students have great enthusiasm in applying for the Program. Sustainable development of ACWES can be seen through more and more submitted applications every year, regardless of the moderate number of female students in engineering.

With the Program’s success throughout the years, in 2013, ACWES Alumnae Group was established to create a favorable environment for its members’ self-improvement through all the internal and external activities, as well as to provide useful information for their career orientation from a practical point of view.

An ACWES Scholar in 2011 & 2012, Ms. Nguyen Huynh Truc Linh (currently working at Intel Products Vietnam) shared her thoughts, “AmCham Women in Engineering Scholarship was a prestigious scholarship. I had practical experience and received useful advices from AmCham and Intel HR Specialists. My job opportunities also came from ACWES as I had chance to join IT Department at Intel. People at Intel are awesome. They helped me get involved in many activities, teach me how to work effectively and have work-life balance. ACWES generously supports me to grow up and be stronger. I sincerely appreciate all those things!”

Ms. Uyen Ho, Corporate Affairs Director of Intel Products Vietnam shared: “The scholarship is a visible sign of Intel’s commitment to promote diversity in Vietnam high tech industry. We have committed to support Vietnam students, in particular female students. We are happy to see the success of the program over the past five years and we hope that many more companies will join us in this program to support Vietnam female technical students”.

Mr. Herb Cochran, Executive Director of AmCham Vietnam, said: “Since the beginning to ACWES establishment, AmCham believes that women play an important role in science and engineering. Madame Marie Curie is always promoted as a vivid example, she astonished the whole world when winning double Nobel Prizes for Physics (1903) and Chemistry (1911). In modern times, women have proved themselves to be the indispensable resources for science and engineering. The journey of seeking and encouraging talented women to participate in high-tech fields will mark more five-year milestones in the future .”

Dan Tri Newspaper, HCM City Website, HTV News, Saigon Times

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