Weekly Update 2006-08-22 PNTR and WTO Accession Outlook

PNTR and WTO Accession

Another two weeks before Congress returns from its August “District Work Period” in the first week of September for a one month session before the October 6 target adjournment to prepare for the November 7 elections. Two U.S. Senators have put a “hold” on PNTR legislation. Please click here for an update and background information: PNTR and WTO Accession.

Sep 6 Members Lunch: Will port delays slow Vietnam’s growth?

FDI investors, along with major shipping and logistics providers, are concerned about potential delays in ports and related infrastructure development. Decisions or actions made this year could have a profound impact on Vietnam’s export growth, and its competitiveness with other countries in the region. As large infrastructure projects take years to complete, early planning, commitment and development of projects is critical. Click here for more information and to register on-line.

In Geneva, there is no schedule yet for the additional informal meetings planned and formal WTO Working Party talks to resolve remaining issues from theWTO Working Party talks starting July 19. The remaining issues not yet agreed in the multilateral report include labor standards, textiles and apparel, trading rights (importing into Vietnam), and the excise duty on spirits and beers. These September meetings are necessary to prepare for accession by the WTO General Council Meeting Oct 10-11.

Increased Efforts to Combat High Level Corruption

World leaders are increasingly attacking corruption by senior government officials. The G8 Leaders agreed to fight high level corruption in a joint statement on July 16. President Bush outlined the U.S. stragegy internanationalize efforts against kleptocracy on August 10. The World Bank/IMF meeting in Singapore September 19-20 is expected to develop a coordinated and comprehensive anticorruption strategy. Read more … .

APEC CEO Summit, Nov 16-19, 2006. Hanoi

An opportunity for CEOs to participate in the APEC Leaders’ meeting, the APEC CEO Summit is one of the most prestigious annual events of the region, providing opportunities for business leaders to hear presentations from and to engage in discussions with APEC leaders, policy makers, academia, and other CEOs on the most critical economic and business issues facing the region. Click here for information on APEC CEO Summit.

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